the 5 best-selling mascaras in 2020 are on sale!

Favorites of the year to enhance the fringe of lashes, these must-have mascaras are revealed at reduced prices during the sales. We take advantage!

Lengthening, curling, volumizing … and sometimes even all of this at the same time, mascara has more than one trick in its tube to improve the appearance of our lashes and give us a doe-like look. Fetish makeup product to sublimate the eyes with just a few brush strokes, this is a major asset in our beauty routine at the moment, since our pretty lipsticks no longer proudly display their glamorous colors by being camouflaged under the mask.

But for it to make a splash, you still have to choose it efficient and adapted to the specific needs of your own lash line. Fortunately, to make our choice easier, some mascaras have the gift of sublimating (almost) all looks and even stand out as essential references on which we can always count. This is particularly the case of five mascaras which were the best-selling in France during the year 2020 in perfumeries and department stores: the Volume Revolution mascara by Chanel, the Diorshow Pump'n'Volume mascara by Dior, the Hypnôse mascara by Lancôme, Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara by Yves Saint Laurent and Le Volume mascara by Chanel.
Revealed by a study conducted by Cabinet Nielsen and highlighted by Mathilde Lion – Expert in the Beauty Industry in Europe for The NPD Group – in Version Femina magazine to which she confided, they have the advantage to be offered at reduced prices during these first days of winter sales. Impossible, therefore, to miss such a great opportunity to test them or to offer them once again at a low price to sublimate our peepers.

Chanel Volume Revolution mascara 30% off at Sephora

Thanks to its formula with rice and beeswax which densifies the fringe of lashes, as well as its patented and 3D printed honeycomb brush which takes the right dose of product and distributes it perfectly on the lashes from the first pass, this bestselling mascara instantly gives incredible volume to your lashes. And little bonus: its formula also contains a provitamin which strengthens the eyelashes over time for more beautiful eyelashes even naturally.
Obviously, we do not miss it when it is offered at the price of 25.99 € at Sephora instead of 37 € usually on the site. It is also available in "Deep Eros" shade at a promo price of € 26 on the Origines-Parfums website.

Dior Diorshow Pump'n'Volume mascara at -30% at Marionnaud

Available at the promotional price of € 26.59 at Marionnaud (while it normally costs € 37.99), Dior's Pump 'N' Volume mascara combines volume and length and defines the look lash by lash in order to maximize the fringe of lashes. The key is an XXL volume.

The Lancôme Hypnôse mascara 30% off at Marionnaud

Also at Marionnaud, the famous Hypnôse mascara by Lancôme, which promises perfectly curved eyelashes, thicker and well separated, is also revealed at promotional prices. You can indeed get it for € 25.89 instead of € 36.99. At that price, we don't even hesitate!

Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effect False Eyelash mascara at -30% at Marionnaud

Perfect for flaunting even more spectacular lashes, the iconic Yves Saint Laurent mascara is of course eye-catching when it is revealed. at € 26.59 at Marionnaud instead of its usual price of € 37.99 on the beauty eshop.
With its recently improved formula with argan oil and walnut extract that intensely nourishes and softens lashes, it promises to take the urge to wear false lashes away by giving your lashes maximum volume. natural.

Le Volume de Chanel mascara at 30% off at Nocibé

Thanks to its formula enriched with acacia gum and film-forming agents that preserve the flexibility of the eyelashes, this flagship volumizing mascara of the brand promises intense volume without freezing the fringe of the eyelashes. With it, the makeup result is flexible and the volume given to the eyelashes is intensified with each stroke of the brush over the fringe of the eyelashes. Something to satisfy all makeup desires, at a lower cost if you buy it at Nocibé for € 29.90 instead of € 38.90.

A word of advice, act quickly before stocks run out!


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