The 5 indie games you shouldn’t miss in 2021

There was some very good indie game this year, even some exceptional: several titles that you will come across in this modest selection really hit us right in the heart. Available at milder prices than their AAA counterparts, these titles should give you the same big doses of fun as big, well-oiled machinery, you can trust us.

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Discover our selection of the 5 role-playing games that we believe made 2021. We were able to hunt and capture the demon, take back the controls of the Normandy and even ride giant dragons this year.


The first rule of the fight club is that we must not talk about the fight club. And it’s a bit the same for Inscryption, we shouldn’t tell you about it, because describing it could possibly spoil the pleasure of discovering this particular card game. So, well, we’re not going to tell you anything, except that you owe it to yourself to play it at one time to another : one of the most beautiful surprises of the year, without a doubt.

With a basic concept of the deck builder type, Inscryption offers much more than that and has fun surprising you with each new step, an original title with a lot of inventiveness.

Kena Bridge of Spirits

For a first production, Ember Labs hit hard: Kena is a sumptuous title, which benefits from all the experience of its developers in the field of animated film. The burps are cute full, the challenge is sufficiently raised (from the normal mode) and the environments crossed are, as specified above, of an unusual beauty. A completely charming and zen adventure (though), which will occupy you for a good fifteen hours of total change of scenery. Find our complete Kena: Bridge of Spirits walkthrough.

Our opinion on Kena is finally available. Between a sublime artistic direction and a rather simple gameplay, what is really worth the very first creation of Ember Lab?

Death Door

A mix of Zelda-esque zones and well-constructed boss battles, for the new game from the developers of Titan’s Souls. In Death’s Door, you control a Soul Harvester Corbak that will lose the entity for which it was responsible. We will have to unravel this mystery and explore the vast worlds that extend beyond the many doors. Simple but well executed mechanics and charming artistic direction are the great strengths of this action-adventure title.


A cute game, playable in local cooperation, and which offers you to color a world in black and white using Chicory’s magic brush. With its simple story, which nevertheless makes the effort to raise serious issues and its dialogues that hit the nail on the head every time, this is a tale for young and old that we warmly recommend. It is also perfect for playing with a child (from 6, 7 years old).

Loop Hero

Who said you need a brilliant technique to make a good video game? Certainly not Four Quarters: with Loop Hero, you determine the route and the encounters that the hero will make by drawing in cards representing the units, the buildings, each loop allowing you to gradually improve your way until crossing swords with one of the lieutenants of the Lich who controls all this mess.


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