The 5 most annoying WhatsApp groups that you should definitely not get into

The 5 most annoying groups that you should definitely not get into

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This is a warning! If you read this text in time, you could still escape. We just say “kindergarten” and “bachelorette party”.

by Theresa König

556 new messages in 30 minutes? That is possible. Thanks to WhatsApp groups that nobody wants. We picked out the worst five – so that you can get off in time. It’s worth it, even if everyone is angry …

1. Daycare and school

Unfortunately, we don’t know where Jan-Ole lost his lunch box. And if 26 mothers / fathers send a thumbs-up emoticon to the fact that they have found them again, that doesn’t get us any further in life either. Unfortunately, it is socially outlawed not to participate in such groups. You can still ignore them. At least no one will think of asking whether they want to make the next group gift for the interns. That is a good thing. And when someone does say something, the following answer always draws: “I’d rather take care of the child than look at my cell phone.”

2nd family

It’s nice when everyone always gets along really well! Only that is usually not the case. That is why chats like this usually only involve rather unpleasant things. They are also often used to do chores like getting a present for Uncle Gerd’s 75th birthday or sending 120 photos per hour to the children. The only question that arises is whether you really need those from your cousins? Or would like to have? The same rule applies here as for number 1 and all family things: stay out of the way when in doubt. Sentence that helps in case of complaint: “I would really rather meet you personally than in this group!”

3rd children’s birthday

Which mother (unfortunately mostly only the mothers in these horror groups!) She doesn’t know: The wonderful chats, in which the location, gifts and pick-up service around the presumably much too large-scale birthday party of “please insert double names here” are discussed. The bad thing about it is that the birthday mum is usually totally over-motivated (she’ll be forgiven!) And sends way too much information. Enough feedback like “Does Matthis-Carlo need rain pants?” or “Should Sofia-Maria bring gym slippers” are also certain. The good thing about it: After the date, you can delete the group confidently and without evoking resentment. Nevertheless, after the birthday remains before the birthday – at least until everyone has their own smartphone.

4. Bachelorette party

That is by far the most nerve-wracking group of all. Why? Because nothing gets the emotions as wild as they do with children and weddings, just like the stupid suggestions. Even if you don’t want to take part, your finger itches when someone seriously suggests that everyone should fly to Hungary for a week or that dishes should be painted for eight hours. Advantage as with group 3, it is limited in time. The disadvantage, however, is that the “Brittis JGA” group will almost certainly be followed by a “Brittis & Holgis dream wedding” group …

5. The stuck group

Everyone has one. This can be the group from the 20-year high school meeting or the group from a seminar that was held in 2001 in Meck-Pomm on the subject of social media. Someone set up this group at the time and then there was heavy traffic for three or four weeks, but as in any long-term relationship, the whole thing fell asleep a bit. Only Björn sends a nice picture with sayings every three days and Bianca always sends the latest information about the seminar topic. Do you need them? No idea. In any case, it is not very tragic when you leave this clique, because 99.9% of the time you will never see Björn or Bianca again …


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