the 60-year-old host “hurt” by remarks about her physique

Invited on the set of “C l’hebdo”, on France 5, Saturday January 27, 2024, Sophie Davant spoke about the criticism concerning her physique that she regularly receives.

Killer words. After having had the good days ofDeal doneon France 2, Sophie Davant is now flourishing on France 3, throughIn good company, a magazine devoted to animals that she orchestrates in the company of Dr Pierre Fabing, the YouTuber Emy LTR, the rapper Kamini and his dog Raoul. If the 60-year-old host has been used to the small screen for years, she still has difficulty regarding derogatory remarks about her. In any case, this is the observation she made on Saturday January 27, 2024 on the set of the showC the weeklybroadcast on France 5.

At the microphone of Aurélie Casse, the one who shares the life of William Leymergie thus confided that he was going through “difficult times” facing certain criticism of his physique. “I try to do what it takes to be professional. That is to say, I still need to keep myself at least informed of the public’s reaction because we still work for the public.”, she first explained to our colleagues. And to continue: “But I try to protect myself a little. I don’t read everything. I don’t spend my life on social media. I do small punctures from time to time.” Impossible, therefore, for the former face ofIt’s a storyto remain unmoved by comments about her appearance, as she detailed: “Of course I sometimes get hurt by thoughts. […] What is still very difficult, in 2024, is that we women are often attacked on our physique, first of all, and by women. So that’s something crazy that I have a hard time understanding. I find that they are the most aggressive, the most horrible when we should be united, supportive and forgiving.

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“I read unbearable things”

Being a 60 year old womanexposed daily for all to see is unfortunately not an easy thing, as Sophie Davant indicated on the set of C l’hebdo: “The outfit, the face, the wrinkles, the dark circles… I read unbearable things when we could comment on something else. I find it a shame, I don’t understand.” Moreover, the bubbly blonde has never hesitated to speak openly about her appearance. Asked byTV Magazine – Le Figaroin this month of January, she thus assumed having had resort to aesthetic medicine : “Today we have a whole arsenal of possibilities with aesthetic medicine (injections, electrostimulation, laser, etc.) which I am ready to use, but in moderation.”And continues: “I consider it good to use it to eliminate unsightly wrinkles, to look good, to look rested, to be presentable, but it is not a question of having a frozen face, a mouth swollen, overly prominent cheekbones, I’m not into that kind of excess.


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