The abolition of the diplomatic corps arouses indignation

VS’is a part of the reform of the senior civil service, scheduled for 2022, which is sure to get people talking. As indicated The worldthe abolition of the diplomatic corps, recorded in a decree published on Monday April 18 in the Official Journal, aroused the anger of diplomats and a large part of the political class on Monday, who did not fail to criticize this abolition at six days of the second round of the presidential election.

On Twitter, the candidate of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, castigated the formalization of this measure. “A few days before the end of his mandate, Emmanuel Macron published the decree abolishing our diplomatic corps. He wants to replace impartial state servants with cronyism, ”she criticized in particular. If she wins the presidential election, Marine Le Pen promises to restore “diplomatic status based on merit and national interest”.

Arriving third in the first round of the face-to-face meeting, Jean-Luc Mélenchon lamented that “France sees its diplomatic network destroyed after several centuries. The second in the world. Promo buddies will be able to be named. Huge sadness. “The deputy LR Eric Ciotti also underlines “the end of an era. Macron cuts down on this day, a new pillar of our sovereign state.

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800 officials concerned

The formalization of this measure means that high-ranking diplomats will no longer be drawn exclusively from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as is currently the case, but that they will henceforth be chosen from among senior civil servants from all the administrations or the private sector. From 2023, diplomats will thus rub shoulders with prefects, general inspectors of finance and all the executives so far trained by the ENA within a new “corps of State administrators”.

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According to our colleagues, some 800 senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are affected by this measure, out of 1,800 category A executives. The latter will therefore be encouraged to switch to the new interministerial body, without much visibility on the rest of their career. . A large number of them castigate this measure and denounce a “downgrading of French diplomacy”

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