the abrupt departure of Cody (Sasha Micthell) has a sad reason…

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Sasha Mitchell has known glory but also the descent into hell after a scandal that made her lose her role in the cult series, Our Beautiful Family.

In the 90s, series Our Beautiful Family stormed the hearts of viewers. A fiction, which arrived in France in 1992 on M6, and which told the story of Frank Lambert (Patrick Duffythe essential hero of dallas) and Carol Foster (Suzanne Somers) who got married on a whim, when they are already parents of three children each… So begins the incredible cohabitation and full of adventures between these two very different families, almost opposed! One of the main characters of Our Beautiful Family was none other than Cody Lambert, the somewhat simple-minded nephew by Frank Lambert, played by American actor Sasha Mitchell. But after making viewers laugh for five seasons, it’s the descent into hell. And for good reason, in 1996 the actor was accused by his wife, Jeannette Robbins, then pregnant with their third child, of domestic violence. A scandal that is a task for this family series, which pushes the producers purely and simply to kick him off the soap opera.

Sasha Mitchell will explain later that if he had been violent with his wife, it was only for protect her four children, Paulina Justine, Caroline, Stacy and Ethan, because their mother was actually suffering from drug addiction. This bodybuilding enthusiast (see HERE) obtained a divorce in 1997, as well as sole custody of their children. But too late, the damage was done…

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Comeback attempts

After this ordeal which put his career in difficulty, Sasha Mitchell does not let go and barely manages to get some second-rate roles in the 2000s, particularly in series such as Emergency room, JAG And NYPD Blue. It can also be found in 2015 in the tv movie Front linesas well as at the cinema in EP/Executive Protection, Smoke Filled Lungs: Peter, I Love You Both And The Chemist in 2016. His last appearance was in 2019 in Drunk Parents.

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