the absolutely brilliant trick to finally be able to sleep together without worry

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As a couple, it is sometimes more difficult to find sleep than alone. Fortunately, there is a trick to sleeping together without worry.

When you form a couple, there is an important step to take and which is often overlooked: sleeping together. It is often more difficult to fall asleep with two people than alone, even if sleeping next to someone generally brings a feeling of security. Several factors explain this: the lack of space, the heat given off by the other person, the shared duvet, a partner who is too restless.

Fortunately, there is a trick from the Nordic countries that makes it easier to find sleep with your partner. The concept ? The Scandinavian bed. To sleep happily, we forget the large duvet for two. The idea is to swap the XXL duvet for two small singles: one for each person sleeping in the double bed. Enough to solve many problems by leaving room for individual sleep preferences.

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The benefits of this practice

This system allows each sleeper to be close to the other while snuggling up in their own blanket and adjusting it according to their own needs. A feeling of peace, tranquility and independence in a shared space. No one is harmed anymore. This makes it possible to put an end to this well-known situation during which one partner sleeps warm while the other shivers and tries to recover the end of the duvet which is his. The Scandinavian bed also serves to regulate the temperature. The partners are less affected by the heat given off by the other. Finally, they are freer in their comings and goings, especially if one tends to get up in the night or go to bed later.


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