The acclaimed Not For Broadcast will be released for good on January 25

Officially releasing in a dozen days, this dystopian TV propaganda simulator will welcome its third and final chapter featuring 3 huge shows, over 17 hours of FMV content, 17 commercials, and different endings based on player decisions. Already approached by Hubert and Noddus in GK Live, Not For Broadcast invites us to observe an alternative Great Britain of the 1980s, when a somewhat radical government has just come to power.

The Internet is not here yet, but the television acts as the main brainwashing tool, and the player is precisely responsible for the broadcasting control. A responsibility that allows him to decide what people see and do not see. Censoring the slightest swear word or favoring freedom of expression? The kind of editorial choices that can even impact the destiny of the nation.

Not For Broadcast gives players access to an interface as complex as it is advanced. Unlike the majority of FMV games, you don’t have to watch the news, but create it. It’s up to them to maintain the signal and keep viewers glued to their screen. The choices made in the editing room also have a major impact on the story, with influence on the world, from the channel’s financial sponsors to members of the government.“, explains the press release from tinyBuild Games. Not For Broadcast will keep the same price as that currently displayed on Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store, i.e. 20.99 euros.

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