The action-RPG Achilles: Legends Untold reappears

Don’t be misled by its isometric view, Achilles: Legends Untold presents itself more as a student of FromSoftware than of Blizzard. It is therefore an isometric souls-like which will require the player to learn the behavior of the enemies well and to know how to wait for the opening to attack methodically. As divine as his ancestry is, Achilles will not cut back on resource harvesting if he wants to rise in power as it should, thanks in particular to the talent of the blacksmith. Be careful, however, with enemies who, according to Dark Point Games, will be particularly unpredictable.

The studio also tries to bring its own ideas to the genre. “For example, we found a new approach to boss fights. Normally, in a souls-like, players make sure to face a boss with as few souls as possible so as not to lose too much of this precious resource in case of failure. In Achilles, on the other hand, the more souls you carry into battle, the greater your chances of victory.“, can we read.

A system that we will no doubt be able to test in the closed beta which will begin this Thursday, January 27 on Steam since we will notably cross the path of warriors like Hektor and Pâris as well as some mythological threats. To access it, you must start by joining the game’s Discord server, whose release is announced for spring 2022 in early access.

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