“The action says it all”: Keita reports after a scandal – and the coach follows up

“The action says it all”
Keita reports after a scandal – and the trainer follows up

At the latest after the abrasion in Leverkusen, Bundesliga soccer team Werder Bremen is knee-deep in the relegation battle again. In order to avoid ending up there again, they bagged a supposed dream transfer with Naby Keita before the season. Things turn out differently.

Former Liverpool star Naby Keita is about to leave Werder Bremen. The 29-year-old midfielder refused to be part of the squad for the away game in Leverkusen on Sunday after learning that he was not in the starting line-up despite numerous absences. Keita then didn’t travel to Leverkusen and went home.

“The action says it all, I don’t have to say much more,” said Werder coach Ole Werner, visibly angry after the encounter. “Everyone can form their own opinion, I formed mine. Of course it has nothing to do with team sports.” Werner announced a timely statement from the club about the incidents.

A suspension of Keita is considered likely. On Monday, the former Leipzig player was released from the compulsory substitute training and discussions were to be held between Keita and his consulting agency on the one hand and those responsible in Bremen on the other. A decision on the future of Keita, who still has a contract until the summer of 2026, should have been made by the first official training session of the week on Wednesday at the latest.

“We will talk about the procedure”

“We will talk to him and his advisor tomorrow about the consequences and how to proceed,” Bremen’s football director Clemens Fritz said before the game in which Bayer Leverkusen secured the first championship title in the club’s history with a 5-0 win.

Keita moved to Werder as a royal transfer last summer and sparked great euphoria on the Weser. Due to numerous injuries, the Guinea international was unable to live up to expectations and only made five appearances in the Bundesliga.

Keita commented on the events via Instagram on Sunday. “Since the beginning of my career, I have never had problems with discipline wherever I have been and have always tried to be a role model. I will therefore not accept that anyone tarnishes this image,” Keita wrote. He always worked “selflessly and professionally”. The strike now casts doubt on Keita’s self-assessment.

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