the actor of the game wants to be Kratos and it does not please

The God of War series should soon be in the works at Amazon, although it is not yet known who will be in the cast.

For their part, the fans are already looking for their Kratos and against all odds, a good part of them do not want Christopher Judge. Yet renowned actor and iconic interpreter of Kratos in God of War (2018) and God of War Ragnarok. Judge also spoke.

Fans want a wrestler in the God of War series

Confirmed by Sony at the same time as the Horizon Zero Dawn series and the Gran Turismo film, the God of War series should not be long in coming and everyone is theorizing about the casting. Fans debate and search for a perfect Kratos among the most like-minded artists. Many also agree that it is WWE superstar Triple H who would be best placed to embody the god of war on the small screen. The bard, build, and square face was obviously enough for everyone to claim that Triple H would be the perfect Kratos.

He has a beard. Yes, the beard.

Kratos wants to be Kratos

Other fans are surprised to see that no one thinks of the main interested party, the one who embodies Kratos since 2018 in recent games. god of war, Christopher Judge. A professional actor, let’s remember all the same, the man is particularly known for having interpreted the Goa’uld Teal’c in the Stargate series for many years. The latter also replied with an I sign to the tweet of a fan who declared that there was no better actor than Judge to embody Kratos.

Only here, not everyone is of the same opinion and some of the reasons mentioned are particularly sad to read. Some point to the fact that the actor is starting to age or does not have the shoulders broad enough (in the true sense of the term) to embody the god of war. Alas, others say that the actor’s skin color is not compatible with the role. For them, the god of war is above all white.

A remark that makes you smile gently when you know the origin of Kratos’ skin color. In any case, Christopher Judge seems to be starting. Only time will tell if his foot call will be seen or not by the producers of the future series.

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