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It is with great emotion that the actors Jérôme Bertin and Pierre Martot announced, this Wednesday, September 1, 2021, the death of Eric Vastine, emblematic figure of the series “Plus belle la vie” on France 3.

For 10 years, Eric Vastine played a plainclothes policeman who regularly went to the Mistral bar, in More beautiful life, on France 3. This Wednesday, September 1, 2021, his screen partners Jérôme Bertin and Pierre Marton announced with great emotion his death. “It’s one of the silhouettes that all fans of Plus belle la vie know. For us, it’s a soft, calm voice, a benevolent look and smile, and above all a discreet and always classy friend, a father a true that goes. Hi buddy. I hope you went to find the seabed of Marseille with which you fell in love 20 years ago “, said Jérôme Bertin who plays the character of Patrick Nebout in More beautiful life, on Instagram.

Pierre Martot, the interpreter of Léo Castelli in More beautiful life, also wished to pay tribute to the actor who, if he was a silhouette in the series, was known to all. “Those who watch Plus Belle La Vie will surely recognize him. He was one of the police extras of the police station for 15 years. We saw him in almost all the films that are shot in Marseille. Of those without whom cinema and television cannot could exist. I once said to him: ‘If there is ever a need for someone to play my brother, we will know who to ask …’, he smiled. Let’s say we had the same hairdresser. left that night. He was a humble and discreet man. Always available. May he be thanked and honored. I have a thought for all the extras who knew him, for his friends, and for his wife and two children “, he writes on his Instagram account.

Eric Vastine, from “Plus belle la vie”, was only 54 years old

Eric Vastine was only 54 years old and the reasons for his death have not yet been mentioned. This is sad news for those close to Eric Vastine but also for the many people who worked with him on the set of the series. More beautiful life, but not only. The actor was known to appear in many productions shot in Marseille and his face was known to all fans of the cult series. More beautiful life, on France 3.

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