The adorable French game Stray is available on Mac with Apple Sillicon

Stray is the latest game to be natively supported by Macs running Apple Silicon. And he is French.

Source: Annapurna Interactive

Apple’s big project to make Macs and iPhones video game machines is progressing slowly. The manufacturer has been building relationships with developers and players for months to make its platform a destination for gaming.

While games like Resident Evil Village, No Man’s Sky Or Lies of P are now natively compatible with Macs incorporating Apple Sillicon chips, another popular game joins this short list, Stray.

Stray becomes fully compatible with macOS

Released in 2022, the Stray game is now natively supported by Apple Sillicon chips and therefore fully embraces the manufacturer’s Metal 3 API. The game also supports MetalFX, Apple’s scaling solution to increase game performance, like Nvidia’s DLSS and AMD’s FSR.

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In Stray, you play as a cat in a cyberpunk universe who will be accompanied by a small robot to solve a series of puzzles. Very well received upon its release, the game is somewhere between adventure and platform, with many possible interactions with the setting, such as scratching sofas or knocking bottles off a table. Game of the year 2022 we tell you.

Note that this release only concerns Macs with Apple chips (from M1), owners of machines with Intel processors are not affected. Stray is available on the Mac App Store, but also on Steam, for players who already have it on this platform.

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