The Alm – Promischweiß and Edelweiss: ProSieben is relaunching the reality TV show

The Alm – Promischweiß and Edelweiss
ProSieben is relaunching the reality TV show

Manfred "Manni" Ludolf was the last Almkönig in 2011.

© imago / Sascha Ditscher

So far, there have been two seasons of "Die Alm – Promischweiß and Edelweiß" – 2004 and 2011. However, according to ProSieben, there will be one in 2021.

Reality shows as far as the eye can see. Now, according to a report by the industry service "DWDL", the station ProSieben is also backing it up and conjuring up the show "Die Alm – Promischweiß und Edelweiß" again. That was announced by a broadcaster. Before the end of this year, a new season should flicker on the TV sets. It is not yet known which celebrities will dedicate themselves to a life like 100 years ago – without electricity and running water.

So far there have only been two editions of the TV show in 2004 and 2011. Since then, the format has been quiet. The celebrity participants included Kader Loth (48), René Weller (67) and Detlef D! Soost (50) in 2004 and Kathy Kelly (57), Gina-Lisa Lohfink (34) or Manfred Ludolf (58) in 2011. Ludolf and Loth were elected Almkönig and Almkönigin at that time. The show was initially moderated by Elton (49) and Sonya Kraus (47), in 2011 Janina Kunze (46) and Daniel Aminati (47) took over.