The almost impossible challenge on Halo 2 has been completed

An 18-year-old challenge on Halo 2 was deemed impossible. It was eventually realized, earning one player a $20,000 reward.

A few weeks ago, streamer Charlie “Cr1tikal” White, who is followed by 10 million subscribers on YouTube, announced a challenge to Internet users: complete Halo 2, cult shooter, in its highest difficulty mode, with several maluses activated. This mission was described as impossible, and had never been carried out in 18 years. This was true until August 3, 2022, when Jervalin, another more modest streamer with 30,000 subscribers, managed to accomplish this feat, marking the game’s history on this occasion.

Jervalin’s accomplishment can be viewed on his Twitch page. It took a little less than 6h30 to overcome Halo 2 in these extreme conditions – a challenge that he too had thought impossible for two years. More than 10,000 people witnessed the exploit live and its – relative – explosion of joy at the time of its validation. He also won $20,000. A nice bonus, especially since Charlie White previously wanted to “just” offer $5,000 to the winner. The reward had been increased due to the difficulty of the task.

A streamer wins the impossible challenge of Halo 2. // Source: Twitch

Maximum difficulty facing the player

Jervalin overcame many obstacles to achieve his goals. In addition to having to set the game to “legendary” (the highest difficulty), he had to activate 13 of the 14 skulls available in Halo 2 and not die at all (he also needed to broadcast his exploit live, to ward off accusations of cheating). Skulls are modifiers that influence gameplay, mostly to the detriment of the player. By the way, the only skull that was not allowed provides a bonus (become temporarily invisible).

Penalties transform Halo 2 in real test, by copiously increasing the power of the enemies, for example. Jervalin had to arm himself with patience and a lot of abnegation to triumph. ” It’s a trial of 6-7 hours during which you must play perfectly, with very few errors and, moreover, luck must be with you summed up Charlie White.

As one can imagine, the exploit should have a big impact within the community. Halo. As proof, John Junyszek, senior community manager, tweeted to congratulate the hero of the year. He may receive a worthy reward from studio 343 Industries, as Bandai Namco did for Let Me Solo Her — legend ofElden Ring.

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