the amount revalued up to 6,000 euros, which salaries will be affected?

A measure relating to the Macron bonus is included in the bill on purchasing power which was presented to the Council of Ministers on Thursday 7 July. It aims to triple, under certain conditions, the maximum amount of this bonus which allows employers to reward employees, apprentices and temporary workers at the end of the year by taking advantage of exemptions from charges and taxes. It will be examined by the National Assembly on July 18.

The bill on emergency measures for the protection of purchasing power was presented to the Council of Ministers on Thursday 7 July. Among the measures mentioned, we find in particular the increase in the amounts of the Macron bonuswhich was put in place at the end of 2018 after the Yellow Vests crisis, reports Le Figaro.

Up to 6000 euros

Currently, this bonus allows companies to pay their employees at the end of the year between 1,000 and 2,000 euros tax-exempt and exempt from contributions. In 2021, 4 million French people had benefited from it, for an average amount of 506 euros per person. With this bill, it could thus triple, under certain conditions.

Its maximum amount would thus increase 3000 euros for all businesses, and 6000 euros for those who have set up an incentive scheme. Employees, apprentices, temporary workers and public officials whose average monthly income over the year was less than three minimum wage will be eligible for this increased bonus. However, the payment of this bonus would remain optional for employers.

A text under debate

If the bonus is exempt from any tax for employees with income below 3 Smic, it is subject to income tax as well as the general social contribution (CSG) and the contribution for the reimbursement of social debt (CRDS) for people above the threshold, specifies RTL.

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This measure will then be discussed in the National Assembly from 18 July. Without an absolute majority, the government will have to deal with the various opposition parties, which means that it could largely evolve, like many other points of the law on purchasing power which is already generating significant debate on the left. as right.

The perverse effects of the Macron bonus

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