The Ants: first impressive video for the game under Unreal Engine 5

Last year, the French publisher announced a partnership with the writer Bernard Werber, in order to notably adapted once again into a video game The ants. The title, developed by Tower Fivehad already shown himself in pictures a few months ago, but he is finally entitled to a real trailer:

If you are entomophobic, it is a certain vision of Hell, ants swarm and rub shoulders with other insects, even going so far as to attack a praying mantis. At any rate, Les Fourmis (or Empire of the Ants in English) is already technically impressivethe title rotates with theUnreal Engine 5 with a photorealistic rendering. On the storyline side, we will follow 103,683rdan ant that goes guide your colony towards calmer regions, through tactical and strategic battles.

  • Take part in an extraordinary adventure – Play as 103,683e, determined ant, with a 3rd person view, and use unique abilities that will help you during clashes and when exploring the environment.
  • A real-time 3D strategy adventure game with increasing difficulty – The game will offer an intuitive experience for newcomers, with the presence of tutorials to learn the fundamental principles of RTS to help understand the use of game mechanics. The game will offer scalable difficulty and a modular experience for players who will discover new game mechanics as well as combat strategies and techniques.
  • Explore stunning environments and encounter local wildlife – The game will offer numerous maps in a photorealistic Ile-de-France forest setting to explore. Meet other ants and forest dwellers through your adventure and interact with them.
  • Photo-realistic – Unreal Engine 5 pushes the limits of photo-realistic effects on plants and wildlife.
  • A narrative based on the rhythm of the seasons – The game offers a narrative that follows the rhythm of the seasons, the environment and game mechanics will adapt accordingly.
  • Contrast diversity during the day and adaptation – The game maps change depending on the time of day (day, night, dawn and dusk).

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The ants is expected during the year 2024, on computers and consoles. In the meantime, you can find The Ant Trilogy by Bernard Werber at €24.90 on Amazon or to there Fnac.

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