The Apple Vision Pro would be late… good news?

According to the latest information from Mark Gurman, Apple still has a lot of work to do to perfect its Vision Pro mixed reality headset before its launch. As a result, the device could be released a few months late.

The Apple Vision Pro could arrive on the market a few months late // Source: Apple

The thing was hanging over Apple’s nose… and it seems to be being confirmed. Expected at the start of 2024, the Apple Vision Pro could finally arrive on the market with a delay compared to the firm’s initial objectives. Fortunately, this discrepancy would only be moderate if we are to believe the information gleaned by Mark Gurman.

In his PowerOn newsletter, the Bloomberg journalist reveals that Apple had initially expected a launch somewhere in January for its first mixed reality headset. Faced with slower than expected distribution preparations and final tests, the group would however only be able to achieve marketing a few weeks later, โ€œaround Marchโ€œ, says Mark Gurman.

Marketing to โ€œsmallยป scale only

Remember that the initial marketing of the Apple Vision Pro will only be relatively limited in any case. Initially, the headset will only be distributed in the United States, and only in physical Apple Stores or on Apple’s official online store. Understand by this that third-party resellers will not be able to sell Apple Vision Pro. A way for the brand to have 100% control over this crucial launch for its future strategy.

It should also be noted that marketing the Apple Vision Pro is quite complex for Apple. More complex in any case than the launch of a new iPhone or a new Mac. By its concept, the device must be delivered to Apple Stores with headbands of different sizes (and in large numbers), but also with prescription lenses to allow the headset to be adapted to the vision of users wearing glasses. In terms of logistics, this marketing therefore promises to be difficult to put in place… which would partly explain the delay planned by Mark Gurman.

Finally, note that a release of the Vision Pro in March rather than January would, however, give Apple more time to organize a potential event dedicated to the headset. The idea would then be to detail more precisely its launch methods, while presenting in more detail certain applications and functionalities which had (perhaps) not been able to be ready in time for the announcement last June, during the WWDC.

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