The baby boomer is over, here is the new manicure trend for summer (and here’s how to reproduce it)

Do you want a trendy manicure for spring and summer 2024? Discover this new nail beauty treatment which has its origins in Korea and which is a hit on social networks. How to adopt it? We tell you everything!

If we mainly think of the French when we talk about manicure, in recent years the baby boomer has been gaining popularity. As the sunny days arrive, we love to sport perfectly well-maintained nails to look great at the beach. Vibrant colors, colored nails, or more subtle French, women have the choice! If in recent years it is the so-called baby boomer manicure which is trendy, it is characterized by a pretty gradient going from pink on the root of the nail to a white tip like on the French, but much less marked.

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Trends in terms of beauty are only evolving, makeup, hair, and even nails, the changes don’t stop. If we have revealed to you the most beautiful manicures to achieve during a wedding, have you already heard of the new manicure that has dethroned the baby boomer: the blush nail. What is its origin and how to wear it? We reveal everything to you!

What is blush nail manicure?

For several seasons, this manicure has been gaining momentum on the networks and is on the rise. Originally from Korea, blush nail is a manicure that takes its name from the blush used in makeup to enhance your complexion. With more than 50 million views on TikTok, this fresh and summery beauty can be found on the nails of many nail fans. Elegant and colorful, these nails are attracting more and more women with the arrival of spring. If you have already heard of glazed donut nails, know that blush nails are quite similar.

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A subtle effect which consists of using the pink blush of our cheeks to decorate our nails. A clearly minimalist trend that is actually super easy to achieve, perfectly combining shine and sobriety. If we tend to think that this new manicure is new, know that in its country of origin, women have been wearing it for many years. Do you want to reproduce the blush nail without having to go to a nail technician? Here are the main steps.

Blush Nail: the stages of production

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