“The Bachelor”: Rose distribution in a completely different way

“The Bachelor”
Distribution of roses in a completely different way

Dancing instead of talking: David and Chiara on their first date.

© Photo: RTL

Exciting second episode: a plane jump on the first date, no words on the second and even the bachelor awards the roses differently than usual.

Don’t chatter for long, Kopp in heaven: The first date of the current “Bachelor” season (Wednesdays, 8:15 p.m., RTL and in advance on RTL +) starts with a test of courage. This is not initiated as usual with a letter, a video message or even an invitation from Bachelor David Jackson (32). Instead, four masked men wearing “skydiving” shirts come to the villa and pick up four women.

You could also see it as a test of courage, but the exciting part is yet to come. Tami (29) and Henriette (25) have a thirst for adventure, Angelina (28) and Leyla (26) are particularly scared when they meet David in front of the plane. He has already been skydiving twice and is all the more enthusiastic: “It’s one of the coolest things you can do in your life!” Angelina is not very convinced when boarding: “I’ll start crying right away”.

But the peer pressure is stronger than the fear: everyone, together with a parachute instructor, falls from 4,000 meters into the depths. Although David’s flight guide has the most physical contact with the bachelor, the date is a hit for everyone thanks to the adrenaline kick. Well, except for Layla. She complains on the air: “I hate you David.”

Then it’s time to calm down: the group has a drink on the beach. The highlight is the one-on-one conversation with Tami, during which she finally reveals her true name: “Attention, here it comes: Tamara”. Afterwards Angelina is allowed to stay. She and David play “Mother Father Child” in the reptilian version and bring baby turtles to the sea to release them into the wild. “It was really a special experience,” David said afterwards.

The first single date: Without words

Chiara (26) gets the first single date. But first she has to meet a trainer who will teach her the choreography for a “flirty couple dance” with a lot of physical contact. Only in the second step does she meet David. Without having spoken a word to each other, the two dance the choreography together in a sea of ​​lights on a jetty. Body language instead of blah blah, the unusual date inspires both. “It felt so right. It really was a hit,” says David happily afterwards. “It’s a whole different level of intimacy,” says Chiara. The conversations afterwards are deeper than usual, it’s about questions like “What is love?”. Chiara impresses the bachelor with her remarks: “Often I just wanted to listen to her and had aha moments. […] I find that kind of thing attractive, really attractive.”

But first, other women are listened to again: The next group date goes to Manina (30), Saskia (29), Pamela (25), Jana (27), Alyssa (36), Coleen (27) and Fiona (29). You can go for a spin with the bachelor. Everyone drives through Mexico in a VW bus like a high-spirited community to a beach bar, where more or less involuntary speed dating takes place.

Everyday racism on a group date

Saskia shoots herself with one of her sayings: Alluding to David’s skin color, she says in front of the group that she would like “you as chocolate”. A no-go for David: “I couldn’t laugh about it.” The situation is also discussed again during the night of the roses. David explains: “It triggers something in me, whether I want it or not, regardless of how you mean it…” Saskia apologizes and thanks for the explanation because as a white person she has not had such experiences.

The distribution of roses is different this time than ever before: David asks the women who didn’t get a date this week and are therefore trembling the most to gather. Then he gives all seven their roses ahead of time and raises the glass to them: “Thank you for your patience!”. That’s never happened before. “What a hammer man,” the ladies agree after this gesture.

In the end, two who had their chance have to go: Pamela (25) and vanilla Saskia. Whereby David makes it clear that the expulsion has nothing to do with Saskia’s statement. “I just noticed elsewhere that I’m not the man for you and you’re not the woman for me.” By the way, there was also a voluntary departure: Danielle (28) left the show in a hurry before the night of the roses.


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