The Bachelor: These moments from ten seasons are remembered

Ten bachelors, ten seasons and lots of drama and mob: With Sebastian Preuss (30), RTL celebrated its tenth anniversary at "The Bachelor" this year. On March 11 (8:15 p.m. on RTL or via TVNow), the broadcaster looks back in a special: Like the current episodes, the past seasons were also characterized by numerous nuisances, emotions and many a slap in the face. Here are the biggest excitement of the past ten seasons.

Ring instead of rose in season 1

Anyone who thinks that everything started with "Bachelor" veteran Paul Janke (38) was wrong in 2012. Back in 2003, Marcel Maderitsch, then 29 years old, presented himself as the first Rosenkavalier. Unlike in the subsequent seasons, he presented the first-placed chimney sweep Juliane with a ring in the grand finale, not a rose. But whether engaged or not – their love had no future. Instead, shortly after the end of love, Maderitsch entered into a liaison with the runner-up Nicole.

Sex talks and nasty sayings in season 2

From hot dances to open sex talks: Candidate Katja didn't let anything burn with Paul Janke. Talking about her alleged threesome with two women was not a problem for the Rosen candidate. So it was no surprise that it was pretty hot between her and Paul on the dream date.

In season two, Georgina Fleur (29) was at the forefront when it came to blasphemy. The redhead then went on to pursue a career as an It girl and went to the RTL jungle camp in 2013.

Woman kisses and skinny dipping with Melanie Müller in season 3

As a former porn actress, Melanie Müller (31) caused a sensation in the season with Jan Kralitschka (43) – and not only among the audience. On a single date, she surprised the Rosenkavalier completely naked in the pool. But Jan seemed visibly overwhelmed and asked the candidate to get dressed again.

As if that wasn't enough, she also exchanged deep kisses with candidate Nina in the girls' villa. Her fellow campaigners were not very enthusiastic about the campaign.

Sect in season 4?

For "Bachelor" Christian Tews (39) the home dates from season four went to Daniela in Düsseldorf. There, however, a bizarre surprise awaited the bachelors: In addition to the candidate and her mother, Christian was also received by Danielas Heiler. According to the Düsseldorf woman, he could predict her future. "It made me feel like a sect," was how the "Bachelor" described the strange meeting at the time.

Season 5 dream date scandal

"Bachelor" Oliver Sanne (33), or also known as Mister Germany 2014, could not let a basket sit on season five. During his dream date with Sarah, now known as Sarah Harrison (28), the candidate promptly refused an overnight invitation. Back then it was said that she didn't want to be one of many.

Oliver reacted angrily to it: "How can it be that you can undress in front of thousands of people, but don't want to sleep in a bed with me?" That was the end of the date. There was no rose for Sarah at the end of the episode.

Bachelor with child in season 6

It was the surprise in season six: Leonard Freier (35) made it clear from the start – he is only available as a double. Because the "Bachelor" is the father of a little daughter. He also lost a word or two about his ex-wife. During the entire season, not one of the participants saw his child. The reason: he wanted to protect his daughter.

After it hadn't worked out with winner Leonie after the show, Leonard finally returned to his child's mother, Caona. The two said yes in 2018.

Bad nasties in season 7

The season of Sebastian Pannek (33) in the girls' villa was anything but peaceful. The group teased primarily against Colombian Kattia, who regularly upset her fellow campaigners because of her revealing style of clothing. High heels on the baseball field and skimpy bikini bottoms obviously seemed inappropriate to their opponents. Kattia ended up fourth.

By the way: Sebastian finally left the show with Clea-Lacy. After a little more than a year, the two separated. Now the ex "Bachelor" is in a relationship with Angelina Heger (28), a candidate from season four. The two are expecting their first child together.

Pregnancy, Face Slapping and Love Letter in Season 8

In the season of Daniel Völz (35), one of the biggest agitators happened already on the first night of the roses. Candidate Angie embarked on the long journey even though she was three months pregnant. According to her own statement, she did not know that at the time. In episode one, she had to go home again anyway.

Yeliz, with whom Daniel exchanged intimate kisses on a single date the day before she left, also caused a sensation. However, that did not leave her alone and gave the "Bachelor" a good slap in the face after it was removed.

On the other hand, it was more loving with candidate Janine Christin, who revealed her feelings to Daniel in the form of a detailed love letter. However, it caused quite a lot of confusion with the "Bachelor" – and caused a stir among her fellow campaigners.

Announcement and removal in season 9

Andrej Mangold (33) is currently the only "Bachelor" who is still in a relationship with his great love from the dome show. The lucky one was Jennifer Lange in season nine. But before that happened, Andrej had to deal with many dangerous situations.

For Candidate Isabell, the fun finally ended after she gave out powerfully against one of her competitors. The reason: Isabell insulted Steffi because she danced with the "Bachelor" during the night of the roses. Isabell did a lot of swinging her hips on the dance floor. An announcement by Andrej followed. In the end, the bachelor asked her for one of the coveted roses. Surprisingly, Isabell declined.

No rose in the season 10 finale

While almost all of his predecessors had a showcase resume, Sebastian Preuss had to struggle with a difficult past. He was in prison himself and his brother died of an overdose. With this, the Munich man shocked not only the women of his season, but also some spectators.

It was also shocking to get to know the women. Because one of the 22 ladies already knew the "Bachelor": Denise-Jessica met him previously in Munich on a double date. Sebastian couldn't remember that, however.

Finally, Preuss put the crown of the grueling season in the grand finale. Because something happened that had never been seen before in any other season: in the end, the "Bachelor" did not award a rose. The reason: he hadn't seriously fallen in love with any of the women.