The Bachelor: Two new single women open the competition

The Bachelor
Two new single women open the competition

Linda (left) and Denise want to get to know "Bachelor" Niko Griesert.


In the second "Bachelor" episode, Niko Griesert picks out his favorites. The agony of choice is increased by two new ladies.

In Berlin, Niko Griesert (30) is starting the first week of dates with the "Knallerfrauen", as the bachelor calls the selection of potential partners. In the second episode of "Der Bachelor" (January 27, 8:15 pm, RTL and TVNow), both the 30-year-old and the candidates learn exciting facts about each other. Shortly before the roses are awarded, a surprise awaits both parties.

Fall into the depths with a happy ending

The ladies are allowed to move into a dream villa, not with the usual sea view, but with predominantly pink princess interiors and a jacuzzi in the garden. Mimi (26) is on the first date straight away. The "Bachelor" wants to find out more about the single woman after her "perfect first meeting". This has to show courage: From a high-rise it goes down safely in a vertical flight. Mimi lets her emotions run free after the base flying. "That was really bad, a shock for life," she says, close to tears. Griesert makes up for it with an evening tête-à-tête – first with compliments, then with a rose for the 26-year-old.

During the group dates that follow, the first candidates open up to the "Bachelor". Hannah (28) explains to him during an afternoon of beach volleyball about her prosthetic foot, which she normally handles confidently but becomes unsure when faced with the competition from women. Empathically and with a hug, Griesert quickly takes away her fear of rejection.

During a speed dating in the double-decker bus, Nora (31) finally tells of her difficulties when she came from Georgia to Germany at the age of twelve. Anna (30) then finds out on a boat trip why the "Bachelor" seems so "mature" to her. He reveals that at the age of 20 and at the beginning of his studies he found out that he was going to be a father. His nine-year-old daughter lives with her mother in the United States.

First dispute preprogrammed?

Other women also get the chance to interview Griesert in one-to-one interviews. In a swimming pool he dines with Nadine (24) and Michèle (27) by candlelight on a jetty in the water. The three-way date ends abruptly and the "Bachelor" enjoys an evening bath for two with the previously reserved Michèle.

The bachelor was already in contact with her before the show, as it turned out on the first night of the roses. The "Bachelor" wrote to the "super attractive" single lady himself, as he reminisced in conversation. Both leave open why they did not become more back then – only signal the continued interest in each other. Mimi doesn't quite believe her competitor in this matter and remains skeptical. "If she thinks he's so great, why didn't it work back then?" She asks her colleagues at the evening get-together.

And there is further tension in the villa. Two of the five women who had to go into quarantine at the start of the season due to corona contact meet the ladies on the second night of the roses. In addition to Denise (24), the spirited Linda (25) wants to get to know the "Bachelor", who introduces herself as a "Queen with no quirks" and only "is friendly when you are friendly to me". Unlike the women, the bachelor is not deterred and gives her a rose. Newcomer Denise can also look forward to moving into the villa, while Maria (25) and Nadine have to pack their bags again.