“The Bachelorette”: “Everything undercover” – so it went on for Maxime and Raphi

“The Bachelorette”
“Everything undercover” – that’s how it continued for Maxime and Raphi

As a “Bachelorette”, Maxime Herbord was looking for her great love on television.


Maxime Herbord gave her final rose to candidate Raphael. In the interview, she looks back on her time as a “Bachelorette”.

The final decision has been made. “Bachelorette” Maxime Herbord (26) presented her final rose to candidate Raphael. Your time as a “Bachelorette” (also via TVNow to follow) was not always rosy. Voluntary resignations of favorites, self-doubts and harsh words about Herbord on social media accompanied this year’s season of the dome show. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the 26-year-old looks back on her journey and reveals how she deals with negative comments. She also gives an insight into how things have gone on with her and winner Raphael since the final.

In the social media you have been criticized for your appearance on the show. How did you feel about the comments on yourself?

Maxime Herbord: Of course it’s not nice to read things like that. Especially when they go below the belt. But somehow I stopped reading it all and I felt much, much better. The fact is: I can’t please everyone and that should never be the goal.

What did you learn for yourself on the trip?

Herbord: expressing and describing thoughts and feelings. I am a very sensitive person. Thanks to the show, I learned to listen to my gut instinct, to put it into words and to act accordingly.

You said you didn’t have a good knowledge of human nature. Has anything changed because of your time as a “Bachelorette”?

Herbord: The show was a good school for me. I often had a bad gut feeling in certain situations, but did not investigate at all or followed it up too late. You learn from such situations. I’ll definitely take that with me.

The voluntary departures of some candidates obviously affected you very closely. So why did you have doubts about yourself?

Herbord: To be the only woman in a group of boys requires a lot of self-confidence. After the two voluntary departures, my self-confidence crumbled a bit. I think everyone would have doubted themselves a little – I definitely would.

You said that by now you know exactly who you are. How was that reflected in your decision?

Herbord: The decisions I made were exactly the right ones for me. From the beginning I had an idea of ​​what would be good for me and what would not be. I think you can see that very well in retrospect in the season.

How have the weeks been since you and Raphael decided? How could you keep the fact that he received the final rose a secret until the finale was broadcast?

Herbord: We saw each other several times after that. I was in Vienna and Raphi visited me in Herzogenrath – but of course everything was undercover.

How does getting to know each other during the show differ from back to day-to-day?

Herbord: We experienced incredible things on site! Dates that you probably won’t have a second time in your life. Nevertheless, it is also nice to have a bit of everyday life. Above all, to see where it is going. Even if it’s just shopping or having an ice cream.

Raphael went beyond his limits for a few dates. When did you jump over your shadow during the season?

Herbord: Singing karaoke was very, very exciting for me! I usually only sing in the shower or alone in the car. Fortunately, we also mastered these challenges together.

Raphael currently lives in Vienna. Did that pose a problem in the course of getting to know each other?

Herbord: It is of course not easy to see each other regularly. We have made it several times so far, despite the distance.

Could you also imagine living closer together in the future? Would you move to Austria?

Herbord: We’re not looking that far into the future yet. We’re just getting to know each other properly.