The Bachelorette: So much has never been snogged

The Bachelorette
So much has never been snogged before

Maxime and Raphael get closer – but not only they.


After the family reunions, the season takes an unexpected turn: Suddenly everyone could be “the one” and there is wild kissing.

Finally real feelings in this year’s season of “The Bachelorette” (Wednesdays, 8:15 pm, RTL or TVNow): Apparently, if things don’t go that way in dating life, you should just get to know the family of your not so intoxicating date and already the sparks fly. At least with Maxime Herbord (26). In the new episode she can see her mother and her best friend again and play little mouse while they get to know their husbands.

Maxime’s instruction is clear: “Ask anything. EVERYTHING!” Nevertheless, no big findings come to light, Max (31) impressed Mama with his statement that Maxime might move and Raphael (23) with his Viennese accent. Dominik (30) scores with an intimate conversation and Zico (30) with his open manner. Mom and girlfriend can’t name a favorite, just the old advice: You should listen to your heart.

The men show feelings

After all, this heart, which appeared quite unimpressed on most of the dates this season, now has its say. After Maxime got to know the boys’ closest confidants via video call – especially because the boys sometimes show honest feelings. With Dominik the tears flow with emotion, before he presses Maxime a soulful kiss with the surge of emotions.

Max’s mom and grandma also leave a good impression on Maxime and show her “another Max”, as she is amazed. He tries to explain: “I always need a little to warm up …” He gets the next opportunity right away: She invites him to what is now the third dinner to see “whether it crackles”. After both of them have made sure that they have a “great feeling” together, the first kiss falls between them as well. “That was a really good date. And that means that Max is right up there with me,” said Maxime afterwards.

But that is not how it remains. Raphael’s family also makes a sympathetic impression on Maxime: “You have a really cool family!” – “Would fit in well,” replies Raphael. And here, too, the family reunion works wonders and the two kiss for the first time. Maxime: “I was speechless because I hadn’t expected that from Raphael and never had anyone been so brave. […] I think that’s what defines Raphael. That he is completely different from the others. “

As the last, Zico can enjoy the booster of the family reunion. “Zico has won the lottery”, advertises his mother to Maxime during the video call. Zico becomes honest afterwards and admits that it bothers him that the other guys are courting her too and that he is having a difficult time. There is still an individual date for this. Against the backdrop of the rushing sea in a bay, he says again: “I am 30 years old. I never thought that I would be thrown off the table again like that.” That she unsettles him is a good sign for her – and so this date is also crowned with a kiss.

For whom it wasn’t enough

Four in a week! This has never happened before. “It is really not easy to open up emotionally to four men at the same time,” says Maxime, who only knows one thing for sure: “It will be really exciting.” The remaining three roses go to Zico, Max and Raphael on the Night of the Roses. Dominik has to go.