“The Bachelors”: favorites in the shark tank

“The Bachelors”
Favorites in the shark tank

The bachelors Sebastian (l.) and Dennis invite you on board.


Two logical farewells in episode seven: “The Bachelors” reshuffles the cards.

“The Bachelors” returns this Wednesday (February 28th, at 8:15 p.m., RTL and RTL+) slowly approach the home straight. Dennis, 30, and Sebastian, 35, still have the choice of five women per nose in a row. Lisa, 28, is once again convinced that she is not one of those who will make it to the eighth episode. After all, Dennis was the only one of his remaining candidates not to grant her an individual audience. The fact that her competitors already think she’s a lame duck and, like Katja, 28, ask her if she would leave an eyebrow pencil in the villa after she’s out doesn’t make the mood any better.

Lisa also comes away empty-handed in the new episode. After the group date at a car racing track, Dennis doesn’t ask her, but Lissy, 29, for an intimate conversation. Although he only examined the teacher in more detail in the last episode. After Dennis remained modest for his standards on the last date, he is now going on the offensive. After all, he asks Lissy if he can kiss her. Yes means yes.

Exemplary, but you slowly lose track of who the bachelors have already kissed. It’s easier now to wonder who they haven’t smooched yet.

Sebastian and Kim in the verbally erotic “Ping-Pong game”

Of course, Sebastian also invites you to a pack date. He paddles kayaks with three of his wives. He then retreats to a couch with Kim, 30. It’s fresh, not only Kim’s cold hands force you to cuddle under a blanket. A verbal-erotic “ping-pong game” (Sebastian) develops between the two. Among other things, Kim wants to know whether Sebastian thinks men are hunters. In principle yes, is his answer, but on “The Bachelors” he becomes the hunted.

“Like in a bad one…” says Kim about her dialogue – and leaves it open whether she means a romantic film or a porno. They kiss on cue, without words.

Swimming with sharks

Next on the agenda is a “double single date” (Sebastian). Dennis and Nadia, 28, and Sebastian and Larissa, 30, dive underwater in a shark cage. Hungry cartilaginous fish swim past them, separated only by a few bars.

After the dive, the conversation should also go into depth. At least that’s what Dennis hopes for Nadia. He feels physical attraction to her, as was shown when they kissed in the pool a few episodes ago. But he is unsure whether there is more. But a deep talk, as it is called in dating German, fails. The conversation drifts into porn talk when Nadia complains that she’s hot. Dennis has to laugh at the clichéd situation himself, but he takes the chance – and runs an ice cube over Nadia’s skin. The cube burns out quickly – and the kissing starts again.

Sebastian doesn’t let himself be fooled either. He chats with Larissa. It’s slowly becoming arbitrary. She “talked and made out,” says Larissa later, ironically and naturally, in the women’s villa.

No surprises on the Night of the Roses

At the cocktail party, Dennis is exceptionally close to Lisa. Although he doesn’t feel like it, as he confesses off camera. The conversation remains “passive-aggressive,” as the observing girls rightly point out. It happens as it has to happen: Lisa doesn’t get a rose from Dennis.

The rose question with Sebastian is more exciting. Leonie, 28, has been a shaky candidate for several episodes. In the first episode, she positioned herself as an early favorite thanks to a yellow rose. In the women’s villa, she therefore became persona non grata, or so she claimed. But Sebastian doesn’t really buy it; he suspects that Leonie is an outsider because of her character and not because he gave her the first rose.

At the beginning of this episode, Sebastian tries to talk to Leonie to clear up any misunderstandings. Afterwards he is also relieved, all discord seems to have faded away. But Leonie comes away empty-handed at the Night of the Roses. The ex-favorite has to leave the villa.


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