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It is worn at any age, is infinite, gives your look a unique character and is the ideal option for you who dream of capillary change… It's about the ball cut ! Whether you are already a fan of the court or have never dared to take the plunge, by reading this article, you will know everything you need to know about wearing the ball cut. Take note of it, because before putting your hair in the expert hands of your favorite hairdresser, it is better that you know exactly what you are going to ask him in order to obtain the result that will sublimate your beauty, in other words: the one you've always dreamed of.

This year again, the ball cut is a hair trend essential to succumb to with your eyes closed. She draws on the head a rounded hair, bulky but not too much – the middle ground between the "helmet effect" and the raplapla hairstyle. Popularized by great figures in the world of beauty, the ball cut never stops reinventing itself and always comes back in the spotlight. Today, it is generally worn on short hair, but can also be displayed on a degraded square, in fact: it is up to you to decide which of these two possibilities will suit you best … But know that to choose the ball cut perfect for you, there are still a lot of criteria to meet :

Choose your ball cut according to the nature of your hair

  • Your hair is straight:

Good news, if we stick to tradition, ball cut is worn on straight hair for a result sophisticated and structure as desired. This is what explains why many women adopting this hairstyle either have a very smooth base or are compelled to daily smoothing. If this is your case, then opt for the most classic form of this hairstyle can only be a good decision.

  • Your hair is wavy:

Over the years, the ball cut opened up to new inspirations, new possibilities, naturally less straightened hair – less structured. That’s why, if your hair is wavy in nature, you can also adopt it. You'd better not do it on a very short cut, but rather prefer a degraded square which will allow you to give freedom to your curls. Goodbye the strict box in which we had stored the ball cut, you can breathe new life into it.

  • Your hair is fine:

    Thanks to its very structured appearance, the ball cut will give add volume to your fine hair and add definition to your tips. Ideal for you, so you can adopt it without restriction. Keep in mind that the shorter it is, the more volume there will be.

  • Your hair is thick:

Volume? You already have them, and that's clearly not why you are tempted to succumb to the ball cut. To avoid finding yourself with too large a mass on the top of the head, two solutions are available to you: the first is to start with slightly tapering your tips, the second is to opt for a ball cut more length so that the volume is better distributed.

  • Your hair is colored:

Brown, blonde, red, natural color or coloring … In fact, the color of your hair does not really matter: the ball cut adapts to each shade. As with all hairstyles, the healthier your hair is and their color is vibrantplus your ball cut will be beautiful and will return the light. To further accentuate this effect, why not let yourself be tempted by one of the techniques of current coloring ? Be sure that they will divinely play on contrasts! Be careful all the same to the too approximate highlight result which could create unsightly welts … With the bowl cut, we always prefer the natural.

Choose your ball cut according to the shape of your face

  • Your face is elongated or oval

Your face is oval ? In this case, you're in luck! With this form, we can generally afford anything … And as for the ball cutter, it is all the more suitable for you since it will have the advantage of bringing to your face (certainly longer than it is wide) a little more roundness. So necessarily, if your face is elongated, The principle is the same. By bringing volume to the top of your head, the bowl cut will have the art of re-harmonizing face shape. Why not even add a fringe ?

  • Your face is triangle (tip up) or diamond (tip down)

The bowl cut will enhance you provided that the volume it brings to your face is well located: above for a triangle face and below for a diamond face. So cut shorter if you are in the first case, also excluding the idea of ​​wearing the bangs and more in length if you are in the second, about the height of the chin. There you go: the illusion is perfect.

  • Your face is square or round

If your face is angular or round, then ball cut is not the best option for you. Indeed, it would tend to accentuate the shape of these faces. In general, try to avoid short and boyish cuts that do not necessarily flatter you, you had better focus on length.

Choose the ball cut according to your age

Most often worn by so-called "mature" women, the ball cut is democratizing and diversifying more and more with all ages. Well smoothed and fixed, it is perfect for a working day as it adapts well to the requirements of the professional world. After a brushing flexible playing on volumes, it displays in two stages three movements a resolutely hair style dynamic, glamour and rock. Project your ball cut back and plating it with gel will allow you to sport a wet look perfect – ultra trendy. You can also create some light ripples all over your head for a controlled bohemian style… Multifunction, the ball cut seduces even the youngest and has the art of sublimating every woman.

So you're about to succumb to this capillary change ? Get inspired without further delay by these 30 photos of various and varied bowls straight from Pinterest whose beauty may well give you ideas.

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