The basic knowledge for the desired weight


Who really wants to lose weight in the long run does not need a miracle cure, but a sound basic knowledge. Once you have the facts internalized, you’ll soon be happy with your weight.

There are different people willing to lose weight. Very common is the guy who talks about it all the time – “For me, no sauce, I have to lose weight!” – and in the round espresso all the cookies from the plates steals. The supporters of crass mono- and “miracle” diets come back to overweight due to the yo-yo effect. However, those who are prepared to really deal with nutrition and change their habits will be successful in the long term. If you want to achieve your desired weight over time, you need to know the following facts:

  1. Your diet should consist of a low-fat and calorie-reduced mixed diet – so little meat, lots of vegetables, fruits and full carbohydrates. Varied meals prevent cravings for certain foods.
  2. Concern yourself with the calorie and fat content of your food. On most products in the supermarket, the values ​​are shown on the packs. In the beginning you may have to check more often, at some point you will know what fits in your diet.
  3. In order to lose weight, it is already sufficient to reduce the daily calorie intake by 500 kcal. If you increase your calorie requirement through regular sports, the pounds will tumble even faster.
  4. Very important is that you drink a lot. The best is 1.5 to 2 liters of water, unsweetened tea or other low-calorie drinks – you should abstain from soft drinks.
  5. Meals should not be taken casually – while watching TV or at the computer. Eat slowly and consciously or enjoy in company. A trick: On smaller plates and nicely arranged half portions look much larger.
  6. Have you heard of lipase inhibitors? These are agents that prevent the absorption of dietary fat in the small intestine. Such an agent is in orlistat Hexal ® 60 mg . It stops in the gastrointestinal tract a certain proportion of the enzymes that break down fat. As a result, about a quarter of the dietary fat is not absorbed by the body, but excreted naturally through the bowel movement again. That is, the fat can not be stored in the fat cells, which causes weight loss in the long run. The over-the-counter medicine helps you lose up to 50% more than with a diet alone.
  7. In any case, it is advisable to eat reduced fat while losing weight. Visible fat is removed from the meat, crust on the roast and the poultry skin are also taboo. For dairy products, you take the lower-fat varieties, frying fat you use sparingly -sweeteners as well. Tip: Instead of chocolate, for example, you can grab fruit or “if necessary” gummy bears. The exact details of the energy content of the main nutrients and more frequent foods can be found on .
  8. Rule of thumb: The fat content with a daily calorie intake of 1,400 kcal should be about 15 g per meal. When you take Orlistat HEXAL ®60 mg , it can quickly become apparent in your digestion, whether you have taken too much fat and reduce the fat content of your meals a little.
  9. Because it is important that you change your eating habits permanently. Otherwise threatens the yo-yo effect. If you eat healthy at short notice, but then return to old patterns, the lost kilos are quickly back on top. Sometimes, some even come to that, because the body wants to create a cushion before the next “hunger phase”.
  10. If you choose Orlistat HEXAL ® 60 mg , you should know that it is not your appetite that is reduced, but the intake of high-calorie dietary fats in the body. However, proteins and carbohydrates are utilized unhindered. The combination of orlistat, diet change and more exercise not only benefits your figure, but also your health – in the long term.
  11. Stay on the ball daily when losing weight, but also in the middle of life! Meet with friends, treat yourself to a restaurant visit. Here you can not only go well with salad but also with smaller, healthy portions. Who is on a diet, should not retire, but go out and cash in compliments!