the beauty trend that is taking hold of the year 2021!

Forerunner of trends, Pinterest reveals those that will punctuate this year. On the beauty side, it is skinimalism that is at the heart of all attention. But what is it?

With more than 400 million monthly visitors, Pinterest is able to determine what will be the trends that will punctuate not only the months, but also the years to come. If all categories are included: cooking, decoration, fashion, sport … here, it is beauty that we are interested in.
First observation: it seems that the global pandemic that we are going through has really turned this constantly evolving universe upside down. Verdict: in 2021, the skinimalism is on everyone's lips and in all search bars! Zoom in on this trend unlike any other, which we cannot miss this year.

The skinimalism, What is that ?

Make way for simplicity with this new trend which advocates both naturalness and minimalism! In recent months, beauty routines have been reinvented and it is a safe bet that the health crisis has its role to play. In fact, in 2020, the French stayed more at home, made heavy makeup obsolete, spent more time on their care, tasted homemade beauty recipes … New habits that have been established. place in everyone's daily life! So much so that the skinimalism is gaining momentum. Note that this phenomenon is mainly reflected through three great revolutions beauty rituals as follows:

1 – Facial yoga, more popular than ever

The benefits of facial yoga have been talked about for several years now, it seems that the trend has become even more pronounced in the previous months! Between facial massages and stimulating and firming exercises … in front of the bathroom mirror, lip contortions and other grimaces are now part of our daily lives. On social networks, everyone is looking for the right things to do and the best products to apply. The goal: take care of yourself, relax, firm your skin, enhance your features, redraw the oval of your face … All in a 100% natural way! In short: facial yoga has everything to seduce and we understand it.

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2 – Focus on home and natural care

During the confinement (s), the kitchens were reinvested! And not only to prepare good meals elsewhere … Our skin also benefits from these new habits that are good. Indeed, according to research that has punctuated the Internet in recent months, the trend would be masks and other home care, developed with what is in our closets.
While they are the perfect substitutes for many of our cosmetic products, the homemade recipes are fully customizable and adapt to all needs: dry, combination, oily skin, body, face and hand treatments, etc. its essential needs, without superfluous and in the most natural way possible: this is also the skinimalism! Note that among the natural ingredients that are particularly popular today, we find in particular the aloe vera, a plant as good for our hair as it is for our skin.
In 2021, you have dream hair and a radiant complexion! Beauty wants to be fresh and natural, we validate.

3 – Wear makeup without looking like it, please!

Regarding the beauty, there too, some things have changed! Once again, it is the natural that sets the tone. This year, we are therefore leaning more towards a makeup capable of highlighting the glow natural of the skin, rather than concealing it under several layers of foundation. Another new habit that seems to us to emanate directly from those taken during the months of confinement, but probably also from wearing a mask which has come to upset our routine. makeup !
With the skinimalism, the trend is in natural tones : brown, pink, nude, beige… So much softness that we all really need, especially right now! And it is not the users of Pinterest who will say the opposite …

Facial yoga, homemade treatments, daily natural makeup… Feel ready to reinvent your beauty routine by taking inspiration from skinimalism ? We, in any case, we do not resist this new way of taking care of ourselves!

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