The benefits of luxopuncture

Have you never heard of luxopuncture? This alternative medicine is however effective in many situations: weight loss, stopping smoking, relaxation, quest for rejuvenation. Explanations …

" Based on the principles of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine, luxopuncture is acupuncture without needles », Summarizes Véronique Legrand, naturopath at the Osmose Santé Naturelle center in Toulouse. This technique uses infrared light with a stylus to stimulate reflex points in the body, much like acupuncture needles. " The reflex points that are stimulated are connected to the autonomic nervous system », Specifies the practitioner. " The latter controls the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems whose functions are complementary in the balance of the body ". Luxopuncture has proven its effectiveness in various areas: weight loss, relaxation, facial rejuvenation, menopause or even stopping smoking. " A technique is gentle, painless and non-invasive ".

" The goal of luxopuncture is to correct the dysfunctions of certain organs, of the hormonal, digestive or lymphatic system to, ultimately, fight against various eating disorders, anxiety, addictions, addictions to sugar, salt, fat », Affirms Véronique Legrand. It not only plays an endocrine regulator role, but also helps regulate appetite and promote feelings of fullness by acting on serotonin production, " a neurotransmitter linked to appetite ". This technique also helps improve digestive functions, reduce water retention problems by stimulating the lymphatic system and regulate the production of dopamine, the pleasure hormone responsible in particular for compulsive snacking. " A drop in dopamine generates food compulsions that lead to weight problems », Insists the naturopath.

Luxopuncture for weight loss

By acting on the stimulation of various strategic reflex points, luxopuncture makes it possible to act on compulsive behaviors. A truly revolutionary method? " The results on weight loss are spectacular », Assures Véronique Legrand. " In just a few sessions, the problems of eating compulsions and bulimia disappear ". However, this technique must be accompanied by a food rebalancing to be fully proven. " After a stabilization phase, there is no weight gain », Assures the specialist. But then, concretely how much weight can we lose thanks to this technique? " From the first week, the weight loss varies from 500g to 2kg depending on the person. In 12 sessions we can hope to lose around 10kg. It is advisable to do 1 session / week for 2 months then 1 session every 15 days until reaching a healthy weight ". In order to stabilize the desired weight, the stabilization phase must last as long as it took to lose the pounds. According to a study carried out by the Institut Pasteur de Lille, at the end of the treatment, satisfaction is 95.6%.

Luxopuncture to reduce stress

" Luxopuncture promotes relaxation, increases the ability to concentrate and improves a person's sleep », Affirms Véronique Legrand. In insomnia and stress, serotonin, dopamine and endorphin are out of order. This technique makes it possible to regulate these hormones thanks to the stimulation of reflex points which act on their production. A one hour weekly session for seven weeks is recommended.

Luxopuncture to quit smoking

As part of stopping smoking, luxopuncture aims to reduce compulsions and the urge to smoke, to alleviate the feeling of nervousness linked to smoking cessation, but also to avoid excess appetite for compensate for a lack. Here again, this technique has proven itself. According to a study by Tereo International, 90.5% of patients quit smoking after an average of three to five sessions. Of course, the cure can be shorter or longer depending on the addiction. Only the practitioner can set its duration after a first interview.

Luxopuncture to combat the effects of menopause

At menopause, the levels of female hormones drop sharply. This is the death knell for a number of inconveniences. Decreased production of progesterone causes weight gain and water retention. Decreased estrogen production leads to hot flashes, sleep disturbances, and mood changes. These disorders can be more or less important and disturbing depending on the woman. The aim of luxopuncture is to reduce the intensity of these symptoms.

Luxopuncture by limiting the effects of aging

With age, facial muscles relax, the skin loses elasticity and firmness, wrinkles appear and harden, the complexion can become dull. The objectives of luxupuncture are multiple: to boost lymphatic drainage and microcirculation in order to drain dark circles and bags under the eyes, to regulate the endocrine system, to activate the production of collagen and elastin by stimulating the muscles of the face, thanks in particular to a facial massage, promote hydration to bring radiance to the complexion.

What happens during a session ?

" The treatment begins with a debriefing session during which we take stock of a person's lifestyle, eating habits, physical activities, psychological blockages, and a person's stress level. ". During the interview, " hormonal issues are also discussed ". As part of the weight loss research, a typical meal day and the composition of the plates are also evaluated. " The objective of this assessment is to eliminate any cause, apart from eating behavior problems, which could participate in the blocking of weight loss ". During the following sessions, “ the practitioner places the stylus on different strategic points such as the ears, the wrists, the wings of the nose, the body or the feet depending on the objective [s] set ". Each week a point is made to estimate the person's feelings and any difficulties encountered.

What is the price ?

Count on average 40 € per individual luxopuncture session, knowing that it is recommended to do a course of a dozen sessions to obtain real satisfactory results.

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