The best film of the week is “a great moment of cinema”

To help you make your choices, here are the films of the week best rated by the press on AlloCiné!*


1st: Dead leaves – 4.1/5

“Faced with the fury of the world, a café, a cinema hall become an almost miraculous refuge for these two solitudes. Emotions pierce through in the glow of a look, the outline of a smile. Kaurismäki received in Cannes the Jury Prize, he would deserve the palm of modesty.” By Julien Rousset (South West)

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“The films of Kaurismäki, a great admirer of the silent film, capable of reworking the same motifs each time to get to the essential, with this extreme poetry which allows him to achieve the luminous purity of a sonata.” By Sophie Grassin (L’Obs)

2nd: The Golden Butterfly Tree – 4/5

“The road movie, in search of persistent memories, delicately sinks into dreamlike. The boundaries between reality and reverie become more and more porous, and it is both sweet and astonishing. The staging marries the beats of life of the sacred mountain itself.” By Arnaud Hallet (Les Inrockuptibles)

“A contemplative film, slow, but strikingly beautiful.” By Adrien Gombeaud (Les Echos)

3rd: Deserts – 3.5/5

“A fascinating cinematic UFO.” By Olivier Ubertalli (Le Point)

“Here is a cruel and sensitive farce, inventive and fruitful, which will make the Western spectator think about his own economic condition.” By Laurent Cambon (


1st: Dead Leaves – 3.7/5

“It’s beautiful. Funny. Smart.” By Vanille Artiade

“Despite a representation of the World which could seem quite dark and disillusioned, Aki Kaurismaki films his characters with great tenderness and manages to regularly infuse a few touches of humor which bring a certain form of lightness.” By window into the room

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2nd: Last Dance! – 3.5/5

“I didn’t really know what to expect and I was very pleasantly surprised. I really liked this film. The dance scenes are a marvel.” By Sami

“I really fell in love with this film! A love film, a tribute to creation, to art that saves us when everything goes wrong, to family, to youth and old age. I laughed, I cried. And I laughed again when I thought about it. To see without hesitation!” By Renoir

3rd: The little – 3.3/5

“A nice film, very light, for a subject that is not. The 2 main actors are very good.” By Eric Ozanne

“I found this film very moving, Fabrice Luchini is impeccable, convincing, carried by life, and the young Belgian actress a great revelation.” By C67

* According to the AlloCiné barometer notes, as of Friday September 22, 2023, for films released in theaters on September 20 with at least 10 reviews for the top press and 50 ratings for the top spectators. These two tops do not include films already released one or more times in France.

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