The best ideas for Christmas decorations in small apartments

Christmas in a small space
The best ideas for Christmas decorations in small apartments

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We look forward to Christmas all year long. With delicious cookies, Christmas songs and appropriate decorations, we make ourselves particularly cozy this festive time – and that’s possible even when there’s little space! Here you can see beautiful Christmas decoration ideas for small apartments.

Admittedly, Christmas decorations can sometimes be quite ostentatious and a Christmas tree doesn’t take up much space. The Christmas tree is particularly important in small apartments Christmas Eve a bit tight. You still don’t have to go without the Christmas decorations. There are many (space-saving) decoration ideas that create the right ambience and come into their own even in small rooms. We have put together a few ideas for you here.

A Christmas tree to hang

With a few branches, strings and some pine green you can make your own Christmas tree, which you simply roll out on the wall. Here, balls and fairy lights skilfully set the scene for the “little tree” and the scent of fir green is right on top.

Washi tape Christmas tree

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There is no place for a coniferous tree in your area? Never mind! Simply conjure up your Christmas tree on the wall using washi tape – guaranteed to save space, be inexpensive, without needles and can be removed without leaving any residue.

Mr Snowman

Such a dreary white refrigerator can be cleverly integrated into the Christmas and winter decorations with little effort. All you need is magnetic foil or colored paper and small magnets and you can cut your own snowman and bring it into your home – without it melting.

Winter wonderland

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If there isn’t much space for decorative utensils, then decorate what already belongs to the apartment – and so the windows are given window paint (or Windowcolor) for them Christmas time a new face.

Christmas decorations on the windowsill

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If the table and shelves are already full, the windowsill also offers space for a pretty Christmas decoration. Just remember that it has to be a window that you don’t open too often, otherwise the beautiful decorations will have to be taken down every time.

Christmas wall hanging

You probably still have a free spot on the wall. Next time you go for a walk in the forest, find a nice branch and decorate it with Christmas tree decorations. You can also easily make this yourself using modeling clay or salt dough and cookie cutters.

Christmas tree in mini format

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The large Nordmann fir certainly doesn’t fit in a small apartment, but there is often still room for a small tree in the pot. The nice thing about it: The tree doesn’t have to be felled, but can be cut straight away Christmas on the balcony or in the garden will continue to grow and delight us again next year.

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