The best makeup bases of the moment!


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The most expensive make-up base is not necessarily the best … We have listed our favorites, for “on point” and long-lasting make-up!

If you’ve always thought makeup primer was a waste of time, read on to learn all of its secrets.
Make-up base, otherwise called primer, is supposed to be the first step, right after moisturizing the face and just before makeup.
The base can make the difference for a mat, luminous or anti-redness finish … in addition to fix your makeup for the day.
We tell you everything so that you can choose the base that best suits your needs, in this selection of the best bases of the moment.

Indeed, there are a multitude of them and it is sometimes not easy to choose between the textures, the type of skin, the ingredients and the prices. We relied on beauty gurus test reviews, and we can tell you that price doesn’t always justify effectiveness.
In short, no need to invest tens of euros in a base for it to be effective.
Good news for all of us, so here they are.
Let’s go !

First of all, keep in mind that it is essential to turn to a base adapted to your skin type.

Our 3 favorites

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser: this make-up base is one of the best in terms of its quality / price ratio. For € 6, the Baby Skin Pore Eraser from Maybelline keeps the skin soft and hydrated all day long. It is ideal for dry skin which often has to avoid make-up, drying the skin even more. It blurs the pores of the skin without clogging them.

Max Factor FaceFinity All Day Primer: this base guarantees the protection of your skin against the sun (SPF 20) and it is ideal for oily skin. Indeed, it regulates excess sebum, and prevents unsightly shine throughout the day.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Primer: this database is the best rated by users. Indeed, it has the power to leave the skin soft, perfectly fixing your complexion while blurring the small imperfections. It contains softening agents for smooth and matte skin, long lasting.
Apply a small amount of product to your face, let it dry for a few seconds before moving on to the makeup step.

Which base should I choose according to my skin type?

  • Make-up base for dry skin : opt for a primer which provides additional hydration. In addition to beautifying your skin, it nourishes it.
  • Make-up base for oily skin : in this case, the goal of reducing shine as much as possible, while mattifying the skin over time. So choose a base oil free.
  • Makeup stockings for combination skin : if you have combination skin, the goal is to reduce shine on the T-zone of the face: forehead, nose and chin while maintaining a good level of hydration.

Are you going to be convinced?
Add the primer of your choice to your beauty routine to check all the effects. You will be convinced for sure!

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