The best OLED TVs from the test center: These are our TV recommendations

Televisions with OLED technology are in great demand – because in terms of picture quality they are usually superior to classic LED or QLED televisions. The special feature: The devices with OLED technology control the brightness at the pixel level. This means that individual pixels can turn off, so that both the black value and the contrast display improve. OLED televisions were also able to shine in our CHIP test and are at the top for a reason our TV leaderboard.

Our test winner in the CHIP test is the Panasonic JZW2004. The device is not exactly a bargain, but it scores with excellent picture quality and a rich sound, among other things. Another favorite – and at the same time our price tip is the LG OLED55C1. Other recommendations from the CHIP editorial team are the Philips OLED935 and the Model TX-48JZW1004 from Panasonic.

In the following table, we show you our four highlights from the CHIP test again clearly and compactly summarized in one table. You can find more detailed information on OLED televisions as well as general information and tips in our extensive buying guide.

Note: In the detailed table, we show you the inch sizes that we actually tested. Below you will also find the models in 65 inches.

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