The best running app gets even more social with this new feature

The Strava application has launched a new instant messaging function to chat directly with loved ones.

Instant messaging arrives on Strava // Source: Daniel Reche on Pexels

In recent years, Strava has established itself as the benchmark application for recording running sessions. More than Adidas Running or Asics Running, it has become a real social network where you can encourage your loved ones, comment on sessions, share your running, hiking, swimming or cycling workouts and even become a “local legend” or one “king of the hill» on this or that segment.

However, to perfect the social features of the application, Strava was still missing one feature: instant messaging. This is now the case since Monday with the announcement, for the developer, of a function allowing you to send messages directly or in groups to some of your contacts.

Messages appear in a dedicated icon at the top of the app, alongside the search icon and the one linked to latest notifications. The messages are then displayed in the inbox, in back-chronological order, with your most recent conversations at the top. Furthermore, it is possible to search for a specific contact in order to send them a message.

Within conversations, Strava will allow you to not only send text messages to one or more people in groups, but also to share training routes with your friends. It’s also possible to share a training session in a conversation if you want to brag about your latest record. Messages can be cited to respond directly in the conversation. We can also react using six icons in the form of emojis: ❤️️, 👍, ☹️, 😆, 🔥 or a laurel wreath.

Well-thought-out email settings

Strava has taken care to prevent any abuse of this instant messaging function. By default, the application will only allow you to send messages to people to whom you are already subscribed and subscribed to your profile in return. However, it is possible to configure the messaging system to receive messages from any person to whom you are subscribed, or to completely close this functionality by blocking all incoming messages. A good way to avoid problems potentially posed by inappropriate contacts from a person who has followed us throughout a race.

Strava specifies that more features will be deployed over the next year around its messaging, particularly for people subscribed to the Strava Premium offer. For now, direct messaging is available within Strava for all users since Monday, on both iPhone and Android.

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