The best sex positions for tired women

Want to make love but you are totally exhausted? No problem, we have a few “caliente” suggestions for top-notch sex … but relaxed.

Whether it’s early in the morning or after a grueling day, there may be times when you crave some kicking in the air but lack the energy to perform high-flying acrobatics. It happens to everyone, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up the idea … especially if your partner is up for a moment of intimacy. After all, who could resist the temptation when you both crave it and an orgasm would do you the most good ?!

And who said sex has to be exhausting, whether it’s winter or summer ?! The editorial team has selected eight Kamasutra positions for you so that you can completely relax and let yourself be rocked to the climax!

1. The curled up angel (or the spoon)

The ideal position to adopt in the early hours of the morning or during a night cuddling session just before falling asleep. In this spoon position, your partner hugs you from behind. You squeeze his legs with your thighs as he penetrates or cares for you.

2. The lateral samba

This position may seem uncomfortable at first glance but nay! In this case, you lie on your side with your legs stretched forward. It is best to place a thick pillow in front of your upper body for support. Your partner lies behind you, straightens their upper body and let’s go!

3. The Y position of the kamasutra

Lie on your stomach and slide against the edge of the bed before sliding down to lean on the floor. It is best to rest your head gently on a pillow. Your partner is now lying on you, his legs are placed between yours and he penetrates you from behind. And you ? You relax and enjoy!

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4. The missionary

A position that could not be more classic but just as effective and pleasant to practice. You lie on your back, bend your legs, and your partner lies on top of you. In this position, you can also combine penetration and stroking until orgasm.

5. The sleeping beauty

Our favorite position of the selection. After all, you can almost get some sleep in this scenario (even if it’s not very nice for your partner). You lie on your side, turning your back to him, he kneels behind you. Now he sinks a knee between your thighs and slowly enters you and satisfies you. If all goes well, you should forget you’re sleepy!

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6. The star

Here is how it works: Lie on your back, raise one leg, and stretch the other. Now he kneels in front of you, pushes one leg under your butt, supports himself with his hands, and takes control.

7. Just before midnight

It almost looks like you knotted yourself like this in your sleep! And why not, who is against a “caliente” relationship in the middle of the night? You’re lying on your side, lift your top leg so that he can slide his hip between your legs. And you are good to go!

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8. Face to face

In this cuddly position, the two of you lie down facing each other on your side. You pull your knees up and squeeze it with your legs. While he penetrates you, you can stroke his member. He does the rest!

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