The best soundbars up to 300 euros: The top recommendations from the test laboratory

A bad sound can spoil all the fun of a film: action scenes sound hollow, dialogues are powerless and the music like an indefinable carpet of sound. No wonder, because televisions are extremely thin, so that decent speakers have little or no space. In addition, loudspeakers are often one of the points where manufacturers save.

For many, a soundbar is a good compromise here, because a good model sounds significantly better than the standard TV sound, but is still compact enough to be unobtrusively placed. As with all products, you can find soundbars in all sorts of price ranges. If you want, you can easily invest more than 1,000 euros, or just 50 euros for a soundbar.

However, the category between 200 euros and 300 euros is the most exciting of all. On the one hand, the soundbar is still so cheap that it shouldn’t usually tear a deep hole in the household budget. On the other hand, these soundbars already deliver a sound that is superior to any standard TV.

In the following list, we therefore show you all soundbars up to 300 euros sorted by overall rating.

Tip: In the video above you can see how to connect a soundbar to the TV

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