The best warzone class of the JAK-12

The JAK-12 is nothing more than a shadow of itself in Warzone. Despite everything, the weapon has a certain potential for experienced players. Here’s how to make the most of it.

When it was released, the JAK-12 made a lot of noise. Indeed the weapon dominated the meta for many weeks. With an absurdly low TTK at close range, but also impressive damage during mid-range engagements, the JAK-12 was a monster.

Unfortunately for him, many successive nerves have gradually brought him up to standard. It is today a relatively weak weapon in Warzone Pacific. But despite its many nerves, it is nonetheless a very original pump shotgun with good potential if used well and with an appropriate class!

The best class of JAK-12 in Warzone


The best class for the JACK-12 in Warzone.


  • Stuffy : FORGE TAC Marauder
  • Canon: ZLR J-3600 Torrent
  • Telescope : 5 mW laser
  • Barrel accessory:Mercenary front grip
  • Ammunition: 20 bale drum loader

This loading of the JAK-12 consists of maximizing the range of the shotgun. Indeed the specificity of this shotgun is its effectiveness at medium range.

the FORGE TAC Marauder and the ZLR J-3600 Torrent Both tighten the spread of pellets and dramatically improve your damage at range. As a result, these two accessories are indispensable for this class.

the 5 mW laser meanwhile, it helps with mobility and hip shooting accuracy, allowing you to stay competitive in those close quarters situations with other shotguns. The mercenary front grip gives you more control over your recoil, allowing you to stay precise at mid-range.

This accessory also assists you in close range combat with improved hip shooting accuracy. As for the magazine, this shotgun has a much higher than average rate of fire. The 20 balls of the drum loader will therefore not be too much in the event of extended appointments!

Best Perks to use with the JACK-12 in Warzone

JACK-12 Warzone

The JACK-12 remains a marginal choice in Warzone.

  • Asset 1 : Minesweeper – The asset Minesweeper Reduces damage taken by explosives outside of killstreaks.
  • Asset 2 : Over-arming – Overarming allows you to equip two main weapons: one in each slot. But forbid the use of a secondary weapon.
  • Asset 3 : Tracker – Allows you to locate enemies by their footprints.

The strength of the JAK-12 in Warzone lies in close to medium range combat. In this type of engagement, players will tend to often use explosives to slow your advance. The Minesweeper asset is therefore a must-have in this case.

Indeed the JAK-12 has an excellent range for a shotgun. He still suffers from a great weakness at long range. Being able to equip yourself with an Assault Rifle, or even a Sniper to compensate for this weakness is one of the best ways to balance your class.

Tracker might seem like an amazing choice, but with the JAK-12 as with any shotgun, information is the key to victory in Warzone. Indeed being able to ambush at short or medium range and thus choose its engagement distance is priceless with a weapon capable of killing in two shots!

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