The best weather apps 2024: The best forecasts for the Easter weekend


Good weather apps provide you with detailed forecasts, rain radar, weather warnings and much more. We’ll show you which software is convincing.

We’ll show you the best weather apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. (Source: ladyann /

  1. The best weather apps for Android

  2. The best weather apps for iPhone and iPad

  3. Classic weather apps for weather forecasting

  4. Weather apps with severe weather warning

  5. Weather apps with rain radar

  6. Specialized weather apps

  7. Special weather apps

  8. The best weather widgets

Every cell phone now has its own weather app pre-installed. This does its job and some of the pre-installed weather forecasts are really good. But it is not uncommon for the apps to also lack important information. Third-party weather apps can score points here and close the gap.

For example, they offer a more detailed weather forecast for the coming weeks. They also integrate a rain radar, warn of storms or tell you when the best weather is for fishing or sailing.

Below we will show you the best weather forecasts for cell phones, tablets and smartwatches. We will then give you an overview of the best weather apps with a specific focus – for example for anglers, pilots or kite surfers as well as specialized apps such as severe weather warnings.

The best weather apps for Android

The best weather apps for your Android device: This is a colorful mix of free and paid applications, some of which focus on different topics. You can use the various apps both on your smartphone and mostly on your tablet.

Carrot Weather

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The best weather apps for Android

The best weather apps for Android

The best weather apps for iPhone and iPad

Incidentally, most iPhone weather apps are also adapted to the iPad and can be used on the tablet in high resolution. Some applications also offer an extension for your Apple Watch or iMessage.

Carrot Weather

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The best weather apps for your iPhone and iPad

The best weather apps for your iPhone and iPad

Classic weather apps for weather forecasting

The classic and well-known weather apps from the major providers usually offer a solid all-round forecast package. They usually not only show the current weather, but also provide a forecast for the next seven to ten days.

They often also have integrated rain radar or can warn you about storms if you wish. Below we list the most popular all-round weather apps. You can find them in the Google Play or Apple App Store.

Weather apps with severe weather warning

Of course, it’s not just good to find out if and when it rains. Weather can also become a real danger when there is a threat of severe thunderstorms, floods or avalanches. Storm apps can provide important services here and warn of danger in good time.

On the one hand, there are separate storm apps such as the well-known WarnWetter from the German Weather Service. On the other hand, there are general warning apps that provide information about all kinds of dangers. In the following table you will find the best weather apps that warn you about severe weather.

App nameplatformPrice
Warning weatherAndroid/iOSFree (full version: 1.99 euros)
NINAAndroid/iOSFor free
KatwarnAndroid/iOSFor free
German severe weather radarAndroidFree version available
environmental infoAndroidFor free
Storm! (weather warnings)AndroidFree version available
Severe Weather Center Austria – Thunderstorms Storm HailAndroidFor free

Weather apps: severe weather

Weather apps with rain radar

Apps that predict the weather for 14 days are handy. However, applications that offer snow or rain radar are even better. Because who hasn’t been surprised by a sudden shower?

On the one hand, many weather apps offer a complete package that also includes a radar function or severe weather warning. However, there are also separate specialized rain radar apps that often offer more features and a more detailed forecast. Below we will show you an overview of the most popular rain radar apps.

App nameplatformPrice
RainRadarAndroid/iOSFree version available
RainBuddy rain radariOSFor free
Meteocool rain radariOS/AndroidFor free
RainTodayiOSFree version available
WindyiOS/AndroidFree version available

Weather apps: Rain radar

Specialized weather apps

When is the perfect weather for a sightseeing flight, kite surfing, sailing or fishing? Specialized weather apps for specific users provide exactly the information you need for your hobby or job.

App nameplatformPrice
WindfinderiOS/AndroidFree version available
Agricultural weatheriOS/AndroidFor free
NautideiOS/AndroidFree version available
Tides near me iOS/AndroidFree version available
DWD aviation weatheriOS/AndroidFor free
Aurora forecastiOS/AndroidFree version available
Hunting weatheriOS/AndroidFree version available
Fishing weatheriOS/AndroidFree version available
WindguruSpotiOSFor free
SurflineiOSFor free
RiverApp – water levelsiOS/AndroidFree version available
Garmin PilotiOS/AndroidChargeable

Weather Apps: Specialized apps

Special weather apps

Weather apps often look pretty much the same. Sure, their primary purpose is to convey information. But there are special weather apps that are completely different from other applications. For example, the “YoWindow” app uses hand-painted, animated background scenes.

For example, you can choose a city as a background image in which cars are driving and pedestrians are on the move. The real weather information is transferred to the scene, i.e.: If it is raining where you are, it is also raining in the city, if it is dark where you are, it is also dark in the city. Below you will find great weather apps that are anything but boring.

App nameplatformPrice
YoWindowAndroid/iOSFree version available
Weather KittyAndroidFree version available
Grumpy Cat WeatherAndroidFree version available
Weather DogeAndroidFor free
Thermometer++iOSFor free
Clothes weatheriOS/AndroidFor free

Weather apps: special

If you want to take a quick look at the weather report, you don’t always have to open a weather app straight away. Many apps offer weather widgets so you can always keep an eye on the forecast and check it quickly.

App nameplatformPrice
Weather & Clock WidgetiOSFree version available
Weather widgetiOSFree version available
Carrot WeatheriOS5.49 euros
Yahoo WeatheriOSFor free
YoWindowiOSFree version available
Warning weatheriOSFor free
Beautiful widgetsAndroid2.39 euros
Weather & Widget – WeawowAndroidFree version available
Weather & Clock WidgetAndroidFor free
Fancy widgetsAndroidFor free
HD widgetsAndroid99 cents
weather app free androidAndroidFor free

weather apps: widgets

Are you looking for a weather app for Windows 10 or Windows 11? You can find these in the linked download category. We have also put together an overview of the best pollen count apps especially for allergy sufferers.

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