The biogas sector fears a halt to projects

The methanization unit of the Veolia group’s Mauboule station, located in Valence. NICOLAS GUYONNET/Hans Lucas via AFP

The players in this renewable energy are calling for a revaluation of the feed-in tariff.

“Whatever the scenarios on the electrification of uses, there will remain at least 50% of consumption which will be based on other energies; the latter will also have to be decarbonized.Julien Nyssen, president of the Renewable Energies Syndicate (SER) sets the tone. Admittedly, the production and consumption of electricity will increase sharply between now and 2050. But this will not meet all uses. Gas should still represent 25% to 30% of energy consumption in France.

However, among the renewable energies allowing us to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 are biogas. They are, for the most part, produced from agricultural, household or even industrial waste. In France, the sector has experienced impressive growth over the past decade. “To have 100% green gas in 2050, 150 billion euros of investment are needed. In electricity, according to RTE, 1,000 billion euros will be needed to green everything“, remember…

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