the body of the young man found in a river, here is what we know

While investigators are mobilized to try to understand what happened to Émile, others are focusing on the causes of the death of Pablo, an 18-year-old young man whose body has just been found in a river. two days after the report of his disappearance.

News disappearances make us fear the worst… While investigators are still looking for Linaa 15-year-old girl who vanished at the end of September after leaving her family home to join her boyfriend by train in Strasbourg, others are focusing on Yanis. The Ile-de-France boy of the same age had joined friends on Saturday March 30 a few minutes from home, before sending two messages to his mother to tell her that he was not about to return. Those close to him are trying to mobilize as many people as possible on social networks to try to understand what could have happened after he simply removed the chip from his smartphone…

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Another case with a now known outcome raises questions in turn. Indeed, authorities recovered a lifeless body on Tuesday April 2 in the Vonne river, near the commune of Marigny located in the Vienne department. The first analyzes made it possible to determine that it was that of Pabloa young man 18 years old missing for a few hours.

The causes of Pablo’s death to be determined

These are our colleagues from Parisian who relay the bad news, specifying that the report of Pablo’s disappearance was made by his family on Saturday March 30, the day before Easter, after he had met several friends for the evening the day before. They state that an investigation into a worrying disappearance was immediately opened and that significant “search operations” had been “conducted between Vivonne and Marigny-Chemereau”two towns located about ten kilometers south of Poitiers. “A helicopter combed the area on Saturday, without success”we specify, while emphasizing that “several rivers were in flood due to heavy rains” at this moment.

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Gray areas remain. Indeed, the investigators discovered Pablo’s bicycle in the center of the town of Marigny and, while waiting for an autopsy to be carried out, we must be content with the first elements which do not reveal “no trace of third party intervention”. These details are reminiscent of other similar cases, notably in Nantes, where the body of Yann Bougaran was recovered in the Loire about a year ago. Shortly before, that of Yuri Diagne had been too. Finally, more recently, on the edge of the port of Le Havre, divers found the body of Maeva, 21, after New Year’s Eve.

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Émile’s case mobilizes around a hundred soldiers

But undoubtedly, it is the matter concerning the disappearance of Émile which is causing the most commotion at the moment. The family of the boy, then aged two and a half years old, reported his disappearance on July 8, in Vernet, a town in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Since then, significant resources had been deployed to try to find him, without success, before a hiker discovered bones from the child’s skull on Saturday March 30.

The investigation took a new turn and more than a hundred soldiers went to the site to canvas the area and try to find other remains of human bones, in order to determine the causes of Émile’s death. For the moment, neither the accidental theory nor the criminal theory is favored by the authorities.


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