The BossHoss: You are dying to make a live comeback in Düsseldorf


Security risk or sign to the world? The Bosshoss, who take part in the "Give Live A Chance" concert themselves, have a clear opinion.

Live performances by musicians in front of an audience: What the corona pandemic has withheld from us for months will in all likelihood finally return on September 4th. 13,000 people will then be able to listen to the sounds of national and international stars at "Give Live A Chance" in the Merkur Spiel-Arena in Düsseldorf. Among other things, those from TheBossHoss ("Black Is Beautiful"), who emphasized the global signal effect of the event in a video statement to the broadcaster RTL: "It is time for culture to find a stage again."

"There hasn't been much going on in this country for months and it's not just about us, about musicians, but also about the entire trade behind us," says Alec Völkel (48). His band colleague Sascha Vollmer (48) adds: "Super brave too, you have to say. Safety precautions, hygiene measures and keeping your distance are of course important. But we are sure (…) if you stick to it, it will be a successful event and gives us back the stage. "

The 13,000 live viewers can therefore look forward to the full TheBossHoss roar: "We have decided to drive full board because we are hot and, as I said, want to send a signal about how important and good live shows are."

Bryan Adams is arriving from Canada

Five music acts are to appear at the 150-minute event on September 4th, and comedian Michael Mittermeier (54) will also be there. The Canadian Bryan Adams (60) was invited for international flair, Sarah Connor (40), Joris (30) and Rea Garvey (47) also belong to the line-up.


The latter wrote on Instagram among other things: "Finally – a little ray of hope for all of us. (…) This event can be realized with the help of an extremely extensive health, hygiene and safety concept." Despite these measures, however, criticism of the event was loud, including from NRW Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU).