the Boston Celtics hit hard from the start by crushing the Dallas Mavericks

The expected duel has not started. Not for the Dallas Mavericks, in any case, who completely missed the first game of the final of the North American basketball championship (NBA), Thursday June 6, on the floor of the Boston Celtics, clear winners 107 to 89.

There was never any suspense as the Celtics started the match flat-out, penalizing the Texan players with a terrible 37-20 at the end of the first quarter, thanks in particular to Kristaps Porziņgis, twirling for his return injury after more than five weeks of absence. The Latvian finished the game with 20 points, six rebounds and three blocks. “Adrenaline was flowing through my veins”explained the 2.18 m giant, cheered by the public as he exited the tunnel before the match kicked off.

Accusing a chasm of 29 points behind at one point, then 21 points at the break, Dallas maintained the illusion of an incredible comeback by returning in the third quarter to eight points behind its opponent, but Boston quickly regained the upper hand by scoring 14 consecutive points. A sign of the osmosis and homogeneity of the squad, six Celtics players finished the match with at least 10 points on the clock, Jaylen Brown in the lead (22 points).

Jayson Tatum, for his part, produced a complete game with 16 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists. “Two years ago we won the first game and we know how the series ended”he recalled, in reference to the final lost to the Golden State Warriors. “We still have a lot of work to do”concluded the All-Star of the Celtics who have perfectly regained their automatisms after ten days of break obtained after sweeping Indiana in the Eastern Conference final.

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Irving booed every time he takes the ball

Conversely, the Mavericks collective was almost non-existent. The team finished with only nine assists on its 35 baskets scored. In this slump, Slovenian star Luka Doncic survived, scoring 30 points and signing 10 rebounds. The other Texan star, Kyrie Irving, seemed very pale with his 12 points. The former Celtics player (2017-2019), fined during the 2022 playoffs for having made an obscene gesture to the Boston public, was jeered at each ball shot.

“I thought it would be noisier here”he dared at the end of the match. “The crowd is just trying to take me out of my match”added Irving, who will have to show another face during this final which is played in the best of seven games.

For their part, the Celtics will try, building on their momentum, to achieve another success on Sunday, during the second meeting, also played at TD Garden. According to NBA statistics, the winner of the first game in the final has been titled in 70% of cases. But more than the statistics, it is the difference in level displayed Thursday evening which confirms Boston in its position as favorite. The franchise, which has been chasing a new coronation since 2008, is aiming for an 18e NBA title. A record.

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