the brand unveils its first microphones dedicated to streaming

The Danish brand SteelSeries is launching into the world of streaming with two microphones for gamers, the Alias ​​and the Alias ​​Pro.

Source: SteelSeries

With more than 20 years of expertise in gaming accessories (mouse, keyboard, headsets and even its famous mouse pads), SteelSeries is launching a new range of products. The Danish manufacturer unveils its first microphones designed especially for gamers» with the Alias ​​range and its two products: the Alias ​​and the Alias ​​Pro.

These two products target gamers wanting to get started in the world of streaming while wanting hardware that will last over time.

Aka, a turnkey micro USB

Alias ​​is the first microphone in the range to operate directly via USB without requiring a dedicated audio interface. This one has a larger cardioid capsule than other models in the same category in order to capture the voice in all its nuances. Less directional than a Shure SM7B, the microphone allows additional freedom of movement for users.

To facilitate its real-time configuration, the Alias ​​microphone displays a series of customizable color LEDs on the front indicating the sound gain as well as the mute mode status. On the sides, we find the traditional gain and volume dials, as well as a 3.5 mm jack for connecting headphones.

Alias ​​Pro, an XLR microphone that comes with its audio interface

For more demanding gamers wanting an even more modular configuration, SteelSeries is also launching the Alias ​​Pro, an XLR microphone to plug into the included audio interface, the XLR Stream Mixer. Unlike its little brother, this model requires 48 V phantom power provided by the interface.

Source: SteelSeries

SteelSeries has decided to offer its own control station with the Stream Mixer, which has two buttons as well as two rotary dials for adjusting the volume and microphone gain. These buttons are customizable within the software Sonar for Streamers , allowing you to assign them to other functions like reducing the volume of your chat or any audio track. The Stream Mixer has two USB ports to be used as part of a two-PC streaming setup (one dedicated to streaming, the other to gaming).

Sonar for Streamers, a highly configurable software suite

The launch of a new range of products goes hand in hand with a significant update of the entire software part developed by SteelSeries. The manufacturer thus added the section Sonar for Streamers to its Sonar software, with numerous configuration and customization possibilities.

As is the case with the brand’s headsets, players will be able to adjust the sound signature of their microphone using 10 parametric EQ settings with numerous presets included. A software mixer allows fine adjustment of the volumes of each of your applications and audio sources, easily configurable with a drag/drop system for each of your games.

Finally, the option ClearCast AIoffers its own ambient noise reduction engine operating thanks to themachine learning.

The Alias ​​microphone is available today for 199 euros. The Alias ​​Pro microphone, with XLR Stream Mixer included, is available today for 349 euros.

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