the broadcast of the championship interrupted due to unpaid bills

The broadcast of the French basketball championship stopped until further notice, Wednesday April 17, due to unpaid bills on the Skweek platform, the newspaper announced The Teamparent company of the production company 21 Prod present at these matches.

Wednesday evening, a first match, Roanne-Monaco, on behalf of the 31e day of the Elite championship, was not broadcast by Skweek due to lack of a producer.

Due to unpaid bills on the Skweek platform, owned by the Monegasque group Fedcom controlled by Russian-Hungarian businessman Aleksej Fedoricsev, the production company of the L’Equipe group, 21 Prod, sent a request on Wednesday termination letter to FedCom Media.

An internal source at the L’Equipe group confirmed to Agence France-Presse that its subsidiary 21 Prod had informed Skweek on Wednesday that it was stopping working for this broadcaster.

Unlikely distribution

“If FedCom Media has paid the broadcast rights correctly, the production would no longer have been paid since November”wrote the sports daily on Thursday. “Fedcom Media has paid all broadcast rights to date”, Fedcom said in a press release, without mentioning the production backlogs. The Monegasque group mentioned “difficulties encountered by Fedcom Media and one of its service providers”.

Unless payments from Skweek are resumed, the broadcast on this platform of the next matches, starting on Saturday, seems unlikely. But other matches could be broadcast on L’Equipe, a free TNT channel, including Sunday’s Asvel-Paris poster.

“In every match, [la chaîne] The Team incurs a lot of costs »declared the internal source at the L’Equipe group. “The Team bears the costs of financing the production of Euroleague and Elite matches and the situation is no longer sustainable”. Asked Thursday morning, the National Basketball League did not react.

Financial sanctions after Russia’s invasion

Fedcom is suffering from financial sanctions hitting certain Russian groups after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, launched in February 2023.

While there are five days left in the Elite championship, until May 11, a month of playoffs between mid-May and mid-June could also be affected by these broadcast problems. Skweek holds the broadcast rights to Elite for seven seasons (two of which are optional), until 2030.


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The broadcasting of the Euroleague in France, normally carried out by Skweek, is threatened in the same way, while the Monaco club, also owned by Fedcom, is competing in the quarter-finals of this competition from April 24.

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