the budget rapporteur Cazeneuve “nostalgic” for the “systemic” reform of 2020

Renaissance MP Jean-René Cazeneuve, rapporteur for the budget in the Assembly, admitted on Wednesday to be “quite nostalgic” for the aborted plan for “systemic” pension reform in 2020, while defending the “beautiful reform” of postponing the legal age on which the government is working.

“There are a significant number of MPs who are quite nostalgic for the initial reform with this universal system. And I’m part of it. I think it was a very nice reform, ”said this majority executive, before the Association of Parliamentary Journalists (AJP).

During the previous legislature, the deputy was part of the special commission which had worked on the pension reform project aimed at replacing the 42 existing schemes with a “universal points system”.

The text had triggered a major social movement at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. And, faced with the thousands of amendments from the Insoumis, the government had resorted to the constitutional weapon of 49.3 to pass the bill without a vote. Then, Emmanuel Macron announced to suspend the reform due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A current reform deemed “necessary”

“She was too systemic, too important. She was probably misunderstood and was probably running after too many hares, ”said Jean-René Cazeneuve.

“Returning to something which is still a real pension reform, but which does not have the ambition and the complexity of what was brought by the other, that seems to me quite reasonable in the current context”, estimated the deputy of Gers.

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He defends the current reform, “necessary (…) to allow more justice in taking into account long careers, hardship”.

During the campaign, President-candidate Macron pleaded for a parametric reform by shifting the legal age to 65. He then mentioned a decline to age 64 accompanied by an extension of the contribution period.

Government spokesman Olivier Véran assured Tuesday that “the consultation continued” between the government and the partners and that announcements would be made “by the end of the second week of December”.

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