The Callisto Protocol: a life-saving patch launched on PC, Glen Schofield explains where the problem came from

Friday, Striking Distance Studios launched its first game, The Callisto Protocoledited by Krafton. The title has already won over fans of dead spaceat least on home consoles, because on computers, players soon complained about technical issuesand in particular suttering.

Quickly, the game got brought down on Steam, the opinions were salty and pointed to the poor technical realization of The Callisto Protocol. Striking Distance Studios reacted quickly and has just launched a patch to correct this problem of sutteringother updates will arrive later to further improve the optimization.

But where did this problem come from? suttering, who makes the game lagging a bit anytime? Well, Glen Schofielddesigner of the game took the floor on social networks, to apologize, but also to indicate that the problem came from a single small file, which was therefore patched, the fault of “someone in a hurry”. There is still a good chance that this someone was in a hurry because of the directives coming from above…

The little update still had its effect, the ratings on Steam changed from “fairly negative” to “average”. Unfortunately, on PC, players are merciless when the technique does not follow! On consoles, everything is rolling, you can find The Callisto Protocol Day One Edition at 49 € on Amazon.

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