The Callisto Protocol advertises via a live-action trailer with Josh Duhamel

Season Pass content from The Callisto Protocol will not have made anyone happy this week, and while Glen Schofield try to reassure the players stating that no content was cut from the base gamewe imagine that Striking Distance Studios would have preferred to focus on the craze around the horror game rather than on this controversy. To make us forget all this a bit, a new trailer has been released, all in live-action and without any in-game image.

More than a week to wait

The studio would indeed be wrong to do without such a trailer, given that it modeled the appearance of its hero on the physique of Josh Duhamelwhich is featured here in this ad.

The actor that we could see in the movies transformersor rather in the series Vegas (the real reference), therefore embodies the unfortunate Jacob Lee in this live-action advertisement, which aims to highlight the horrific aspect of the game and its survival side. Something to raise the excitement a few days before the launch of the title.

The Callisto Protocol is released on December 2 and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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