the case bounces back, the victim’s brother in shock


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The widow of the hunter found beheaded in the Allier, in 1995, was indicted for murder, Thursday, June 30. The brother of the victim, in shock, reacted live on BFMTV.

New twist in the case of hunter found decapitated in 1995. Almost 27 years after the discovery of the headless body of Christophe Doire on Christmas Day, in the Allier, Maria, his ex-wife now 55 years old was indictment for murder, announced Thursday, June 30, the public prosecutor, Éric Neveu, during a press conference. After spending 48 hours in police custody, she was placed in custody due to “serious and concordant indications” and “inconsistent and fickle statements since 1995“, said the prosecutor. Currently still presumed innocent, she faces 30 years of criminal imprisonment. Friday, July 1, Olivier Doire, the brother of the victimreacted with a covered face live on BFMTV. “I expected anything but this, I’m on the ground, I’m flat“, he said, referring to a “unreal situation” and an “total surprise”.

And for good reason, for many years, investigators have favored the trail of a conflict between hunters in particular because the head of Christophe Doire would have been cut with a tool of butchery or hunting. The indictment of his widow is therefore an unexpected turn in this case still unsolved. However, Olivier Doire only half believes in the guilt of his former sister-in-law. “For me, it was impossible”he assured explaining not having “never suspected”. “For me, she was too frail, she didn’t have the physique at all to do that”he added, before concluding: “I don’t think she’s been able to do this and cover it up for this long”.

“My brother loved his wife madly”

The brother of the missing hunter then gave more information about the couple formed by Christophe and Maria. “It was very strong at the start and after that, we saw that it withered over the years. There was this little boy in the middle and we thought it would do it. My brother loved his wife madly, with an obsessive love”, he said. As stated Progressthe prosecutor spoke at a press conference about the complicated relationships of the couple in December 1995. The ex-companion would have tried in particular to throw a hair dryer in the bathtub of her husband. After the death of Christophe Doire, she would have away from family, according to his brother Olivier. “We accepted the fact that she was starting a new life, she moved away from us and she took this little boy. We were trying to stay in touch. I thought she was trying to grieve and trying to move on, he told BFMTV. If he never thought that his former sister-in-law could be guilty, he does not put aside today the possibility of a “complicity”.

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