the CEO is being insulted from all sides in the new edition of Pixel War

The new edition of Pixel War has taken an unexpected turn on Reddit. While the platform is currently going through a wave of protest from users, some have seen fit to take advantage of the event to express their dissatisfaction. All with a sense of the formula for the less direct.

Credits: @SEPT_Mg via Twitter

“Fuck Spez”. You will not be insulted by translating this charming formula. We can nevertheless explain to you the reason behind its appearance during the Pixel War. Today, in fact, Reddit held a surprise new edition of its cult event, which unleashed the crowds last year. If the craze is certainly less pronounced than in 2022, many Internet users have had fun for several years carefully placing their pixels.

So why a surprise third edition? For many, the reason is to be found in the waves of protests that have been hitting the platform for several weeks now. In question, the very controversial decision of Reddit to charge for access to its APIs, thus forcing many third-party applications, very popular with users, to close shop.

Here’s why the new Pixel War turned into a nightmare for Reddit

Suffice to say that the climate is electric at the launch of the new Pixel War. For many, this is simply a diversionary technique on the part of Reddit, which sought to appease the spirits by an event which it knows to be very popular. A bet visibly lost, according to the insults that have been circulating since the launch. As you will have understood, this famous Spez is none other than Steve Huffman, the platform’s CEO.

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By questioning him directly, Internet users hope to make Reddit understand that they are not fooled, and that they will not be distracted to swallow the new controversial measure. It remains to be seen if these insults will remain on the final image, or if Reddit will decide to pull the plug before the drama. One thing is for sure, while some subreddit have already thrown in the towel, we are not done hearing about this case yet.

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