“The Chained Duck”: what we know about the suspicions of fictitious employment

Louise Bernard with AFP

One of the Duck journalists, Christophe Nobili, himself filed a complaint against X for misuse of corporate assets and concealment of misuse of corporate assets. He suspects his newspaper of having paid the companion of one of the designers for twenty years, without there being any trace of his work. The newspaper Le Monde speaks of a total amount of 3 million euros in wages.

A journalist from the satirical newspaper The Chained Duck has filed a complaint against X for abuse of corporate assets on May 10. Christophe Nobili, at the origin of the revelations during the 2017 presidential campaign on the suspicions of fictitious employment concerning Penelope Fillon with her husband François Fillon, suspects a former designer of having provided a fictitious employment to his companion. The world mentions three million euros in salary which would have been unduly paid over twenty years.

Christophe Nobili made this discovery “by chance”

Christophe Nobili, at chained duck for fifteen years, discovered within the staff of the weekly title (about twenty permanent journalists) an employee whom he did not know and whose press card was affiliated with the newspaper. A discovery made “by chance”, according to France Inter. The employee in question happens to be the companion of the cartoonist André Escaro, 94, historical signature of the newspaper since 1959 and member of the board of directors of the latter until June 22.

“This is not a complaint against the newspaper”

He was replaced in this post by other journalists, a little more than a month after the complaint. “This is not a complaint against the newspaper. Christophe Nobili acts in perfect coherence with what has always been The chained Duckagainst a system put in place by a few that harms the newspaper both morally and financially”, indicated to theAFP Me Maria Cornaz Bassoli, his lawyer with Me Pierre-Olivier Lambert. “It took a lot of courage for him to file a complaint,” she insisted.

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